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uPVC Painting

This really worth it? It will save you money

uPVC window Painting Cost, Spray paint upvc windows cost. uPVC Paint spraying Cheaper than NEW. Why Do You want your…

uPVC window Painting Cost, Spray paint upvc windows cost. uPVC Paint spraying Cheaper than NEW.

Why Do You want your windows spraying? Why are you interested in having this done, is it to save money on buying new ones?

Have you decided on colours, have you seen some windows that you like?

Maybe you would find it most beneficial to come and see us at our workshop in Alfreton! Talk to us, arrange an appointment. You can either call us on the office phone on 01773 848247 or WhatsApp us 0n 07740772992

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What is UPVC – unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a rigid, chemically resistant form of PVC used for pipework, window frames, and other structures.

Any type of plastic has to go through extreme levels or preparation prior to the application of the unique coating.

Plastic was never intended to be decorated & all past products simply fell off. Since 2015 the technology has significantly Improved.

The coating we use from Italy has been scientifically developed to infuse into the plastic. The Italians are the supreme kings of advanced coating technology.

“Any coating from Italy will be Very High Quality”  

Preparation – If the extreme levels of preparation have not been met then the coating can not infuse into the plastic profile because of dirt.

Recently we have seen an increase in failing coatings that have been applied by people who have no idea what they are doing! Like anything new people see it and think they can do it. “They Can’t” 

Windows & doors that are 5+ years old will have ingrained dirt & that must be removed, we call this stage “Pre Surface Treatment”

  • Cheaper than NEW – uPVC Window Spraying is the cost effective alternative to replacement windows and doors.
  • Curb Appeal – You Can instantly add significant curb appeal without breaking the bank.
  • Value – You can increase the value of your property by enhancing the overall apearance.
  • uPVC Life – This high performance coating will not only do all of  the above but it will also prolong the life of the existing upvc profile by “Protecting it”
  • Wow Factor – A uPVC transformation Will add WOW factor, we have coated homes & half the street have come out to admire the new colour.

uPVC Window Painting Cost

Add Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Bank!

The price of having your windows & doors sprayed is unquestionably the cost-effective solution to buying new. You can add curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank.

How much does uPVC Spraying Cost

It all depends on the size of the window or door, the style of the window, the style of the door, can it come off, does it have to be done in situe.

There is so much to consider when surveying a home, Hinge type, can the openers come out or do we have to do them in situe.

Are the uPVC Windows smooth (White) or brown (foil – Laminated) in some cases the foil has started to delaminate and that’s hard to be spotted by the untrained eye.

If the foil has started to come away then we must use heat and remove it taking it back to the original uPVC profile.

The glue must be deactivated & also removed prior to any coating being applied.

When we do a site survey we are very thorough.

uPVC Paints – How do they Work – See the case study

Our products come from Italy, premium quality that stands the test of time.

UK manufactured products simply don’t stand up to the harsh British weather.

Get In touch With us today, We Offer the best prices around! Quality!

uPVC Painting

Get the look you want

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Spray paint upvc windows cost

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