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Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Cost


Hi & Welcome to another SprayMasters UK Post Kitchen Cabinet Spraying cost. keep an eye on our Kitchen Spraying Page as we run Promotional offers.

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Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Cost

Thanks for taking the time today to read through this short blog/case study on Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Cost. One of the things we get asked a lot is how much is it? how much does a typical kitchen cost?.

I will give you some information about our very own Kitchen Spraying Costs. Below I will list some guideline prices & information on what actually happens with Kitchen Spraying.

A full Kitchen Respray Package will include the following.

Cabinets & Draws are removed & taken to our Spray shop. All non-removal kitchen items are sprayed on site, such as the kitchen island, kickboards, side panels, edges etc.

The onsite Element

  • Onsite Masking & Preparation – Degreasing, sanding + cleaning
  • mobile extraction set up to get rid of fumes
  • Application of a primer coat + 2 top coats
  • Demasking & cleaning

The Spray Shop Element

  • Degreasing, Sanding + Cleaning
  • Primer coat + 2 top coats
  • Curing time.

Once the Kitchen Cabinets & Draws have had time to cure we return them to site & refit them, the kitchen is given the once-over with a non-chemical cleaner.

Kitchen Spraying Cost

This kind of package for a professional spray finish would start from around £1,000 & lead up to £2,950 it all depends on the Size of the Kitchen & the current condition of the kitchen cabinets. Travel time to & from the location is also worked into our pricing structure.

Small Kitchens £1,000 – Medium Sized Kitchens £1,000 to £1,850 – Large Kitchens £1,850 to £2,950 

Coatings we use are 2pack, very tough, durable, chemical resistant & will last you a long time, we wouldn’t recommend water-based products for kitchen spraying. We’ve not come across a water-based product yet that’s been able to stand up to what happens in the kitchen. A floor gets cleaned with bleach, kitchen cabinets get wiped down with chemical cleaners mostly containing bleach & over time a water-based product will just start to fail.

Kitchen Spraying – The Finishes

  • Flatt matt finish
  • High Gloss Finish – 50 up to 100{c435aa9898434a712e6f59754a23992de88f98a50fcbcd047bf3f7aa1cdce959} gloss levels
  • Lacquered over a colour – More expensive as its labour extensive
  • Different contrasting colours  – Cabinets & Draws 1 colour, the kickboards & sides another.

Kitchen Worktop MakeOvers – Expoxy Resin

We also offer a Kitchen Worktop Makeover service – The coating we use for this is highly chemical resistant, tough & durable, it’s an epoxy resin what is used. We can create many unique effects with this system.

Kitchen Makeovers – Click here

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