Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Cost, Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinet Cost.

Transform Your Kitchen with Affordable Cabinet Spraying Costs at SprayMasters UK

Welcome to SprayMasters UK, where we believe in breathing new life into your kitchen without the need to invest in costly replacements. Located strategically in Alfreton, Derbyshire, close to the M1 and A38, we offer a premium kitchen cabinet spraying service that not only revitalizes your space but also saves you money.

Why Choose Kitchen Cabinet Spraying?

The heart of your home deserves a fresh, modern look without the exorbitant cost of a full kitchen remodel. Kitchen cabinet spraying is a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to purchasing new cabinets. It provides a smooth, durable finish that transforms your kitchen’s appearance overnight.

How Much Does Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Cost?

Our pricing is transparent and tailored to meet your specific needs. The cost of kitchen cabinet spraying varies depending on several factors:

Starting From Just £1,000

Our kitchen cabinet spraying service starts from just £1000, offering you a luxurious update at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. This estimate includes thorough preparation, spraying with high-quality paints, and a professional finish that lasts.

Our Process

  1. Consultation: We begin with a consultation to understand your vision and assess your kitchen’s current state.
  2. Preparation: Cabinets are carefully prepared to ensure the best possible finish.
  3. Spraying: Using advanced techniques, we spray your cabinets in the color and finish of your choice.
  4. Finishing Touches: Once the spraying is complete, we conduct a final inspection to guarantee perfection.

Why SprayMasters UK?

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen?

Don’t let the cost of a kitchen remodel hold you back from the kitchen of your dreams. SprayMasters UK offers an affordable, high-quality solution with our kitchen cabinet spraying service. Contact us today for a free quote and take the first step towards a stunning kitchen makeover.

SprayMasters UK – Advanced Spray Technicians

Kitchen Spraying Cost

Kitchens are at the heart of the home & families spend a huge amount of time within the kitchen.

If Your kitchen is looking tired and worn out then don’t worry because you can have you kitchen cabinets professionally spray painted & it won’t break the bank.

A replacement kitchen would cost a fortune. Having your existing kitchen professionally transformed would cost just a fraction of what it would be for a new one.

Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Cost Explained

We Spray for local kitchen manufacturers so we know the cost of new kitchens & even the smallest of Kitchens can be £11k for new.

Our pricing system allows you to pick and choose what you would like to have done, many customers go for the works as it’s more cost effective.

Prices start from £1,000 upto £4,000 the £4,000 kitchens being your 6bedroom sized house kitchens.

Kitchen Spraying can not be done in one day as some companies advertise, it’s unrealistic.

If you are wanting a high quality long lasting finish then it will cost but it’s still going to be more cost-effective than buying a new Kitchen.

We provide state of the art extraction equipment & clean air cubes for bringing in clean air and eliminating any odors that may be present.

Kitchen Collections –

All Doors, draws, kick boards, plinths and any other items that can be removed are & taken back to our workshop to undergo the transformation process.

The process is an extensive one where our highly skilled spray technicians go to work on your kitchen.

The reveal is in 10 days time when we return to refit & spray the non removable items.

Q1: What is kitchen cabinet spraying?

A1: Kitchen cabinet spraying is a cost-effective and eco-friendly process of revamping your kitchen cabinets. It involves applying a fresh coat of paint or finish to your existing cabinets, giving them a brand-new look without the need to replace them. This process is perfect for homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen aesthetics while minimizing costs.

Q2: How much does it typically cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets?

A2: The cost of spray painting kitchen cabinets can vary based on several factors, including the number of cabinets, their condition, and your chosen finish. At SprayMasters UK, prices start from just £1000, making it an affordable option for transforming your kitchen. For a precise quote tailored to your specific project, we recommend contacting us directly.

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