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SprayMasters UK are the superior force for Paint Spraying surface solutions. Fast & Cost-effective.

Fully Trained, Fully Insured, Fully Skilled & Thoroughly prepared for absolutely anything.

What do you need Spraying, How can we help You! Need a building turning round in a short space of time? NO problem! What about a large curtain wall on a high riser? No Problem.

SprayMasters UK are problem solvers we provide coating solutions. We not only restore but help business owners & homeowners avoid expensive replacements.

No matter the size, No matter the location, our elite spray force along with our superior spray equipment are ready and able help you.

Whether it’s a Large building that requires an exterior transformation in a quick turn around or series of lift shafts that require a fire rating system being applied, we can do it all.

For many years we have been the “Go To” firm for these kind of problems.

We have the equipment and the man power to handle all projects. We Are the “Fixers”

SprayMasters UK Spray Everything, The list is endless.

We can colour match any coating No problem.

What We Offer

We offer AIRLESS Spraying which is very fast & cost effective, our machines can pump 2.1ltrs per minute. We can reach ceilings up to 15ft which means we don’t require the need for access (Mewps). Airless machines are great for large areas that need coating quick.

Air Aissisted Airless. You get a great finish with the speed of an airless but without the excess overspray, a great machine that can be used in occupied areas. This machine is not as noisy as the airless.

Ideal for doing retail fit out work

Electro Static Spraying – electrostatic sprayer to ensure quick, efficient coverage by liquid disinfectants on surfaces, especially large areas or intricately shaped surfaces.

In the Fight against covid19 This equipment is great for disinfecting large areas in very short space of time. Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Trains, Wedding venues & schools can be done in no time at all with this equipment.

Covid19, The Disinfectant that we use has an ISO accreditation & has been designed for the fight against covid.

Electro Static Spraying in the fight against Covid19 is Highly effective way of disinfecting all surfaces and areas. This method ensures a safe a clean environment.

What do You need to do? You need to call us on the number below or the “Click to Call” button on this page. Tell us what you require from us, provide us with the details and the location & we will handle it.

All wet spray paint coatings are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. Exterior coatings are guaranteed for 5years against UV fading.

Paint Spraying Solutions.

We’ve got you covered

We are located in Alfreton, Derbyshire, Get in touch with us today.

We would always recommend completing a site survey, prior to submitting a quotation to determine existing condition, access requirements and quantities.

If you have been let down by a contractor & require immediate assistance in order to complete a project a call out fee will apply.

Our Payment terms are strictly payment upon completion.

All Staff are trained, all equipment is state of the art & pat tested for site work & clearance.

SprayMatsers UK. Hi-Tech.

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