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Ash is an excellent teacher & really knows his stuff.

I have been decorating for nearly 30 years & I was toying with the idea of doing upvc spraying, I saw a paint manufacturer at the painting and decorating show last year that was marketing their product. I attended their 1 day course but it wasn’t really a course more a sales pitch & I left after just 2o minutes. I was informed that Ash at Spraymasters was doing a course & I knew some people who had already been & the feedback was very good. I can tell you know it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I’d have happily paid a lot more for what I got. Ash is an excellent teacher & really knows his stuff. 5 Star uPVC Spraying Course
- Alan Barker

5 Star uPVC Spraying Course

To say that before I attended the course I had never picked up a spray gun before, well you wouldn’t think I’ve only been doing it 3 months now & that’s down to Ash. I had watched these guys on twitter (SprayMasters) for a while & thought that’s something that interests me. I contacted Ash and we had a lengthy chat about potential earnings, time frames & what I should expect. The day I attended the course I can honestly say it was a huge eye-opener, it was very informative & broken down in such a way that all the information was relatively easy to digest. Ashley’s knowledge of products & plastic is amazing, id never even thought about half the stuff that gets covered. The two days that I spent out on site was something that you can’t put a price on, valuable hands-on training, the window fitting part is key. Ashley has continued to support & help me long after I attended the course, again something that many wouldn’t do. Anyone thinking of doing this should speak to Ash. 5 Star uPVC Spraying Course
- Steven Ryan

Spray Training

This was the second spray course i did, the first one cost me £850 for one day & i wasn't taught much at all for the money. I rang Ash & booked on the 5day course. After 3 hours i had learnt more than i did in one day with the others. Ash is a class trainer who really breaks it down. I'd highly recommend.
- Luke Riley

Spray Training

I did the five day course with the SprayMasters & i can say it is the best training i have ever had. Full on and in depth training. The lads were great. I came away feeling confident & motivated.
- Robert Mart

Window Spraying Course. uPVC Spray training Course, Learn From The Best! Veterans of the Spray Game.

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With us, you get to work with some of the best in the industry. Our team of experts will help guide you through every step of starting your own business. SprayMasters have piloted the franchise system for 12 months, we wanted to sure be that it worked before we ran with it, our strategies have been a huge success. The Franchise package is an amazing opportunity for someone to completely change their life’s.

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We want to help you grow and develop as a business owner. We offer Initial training, on going guidance from experienced professionals and access to our network of other successful SprayMasters across the UK.

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Window Spraying Course.

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We are located in Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7RG.

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You will also require writing material. A certified face mask, safety glasses. You will also be asked to complete a health questionnaire

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