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Window Spraying Course. uPVC Spray training Course, Learn From The Best! Veterans of the Spray Game.

*Warning* 2021 seen many guys come through our doors that had been to other training providers and didn’t learn anything! These pop up training people are in it to fleece you, they couldn’t care less if you don’t become successful “Don’t Believe the Hype”

uPVC Spray training window spraying course
SprayMasters UK is “Hi Tech Spray Coatings” Not many people know that! Hi Tech is better known as a commercial onsite spraying power house!


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Learn Time Saving hacks, the BEST methods, What to do and what NOT to do! We teach technique, mixing of the coatings, how to survey projects & how to price projects. Our ongoing support is what makes us the stand out course provider. Call us today & book on for one of our courses. It’ll be the best investment you ever made!

Window Spraying Course.

Learn how to spray windows so it lasts!

Learn to Spray Glass, Ceramic Tiles, uPVC Windows & Doors, Kitchen Cabinets & Furniture.

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We are located in Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7RG.

Introduction To Spraying 1 DAY.

  • Best Coatings & How to Mix them
  • Best Application Processes
  • Best Techniques
  • Health & safety
  • Practical
  • Complimentary Lunch

Advanced Spray Course

  • Best Coatings & How to Mix them
  • Best Application Processes
  • Best Techniques
  • Health & Safety
  • Practical including site work
  • Theoretical lecture
  • Equipment set up
  • Online Support
  • Some Equipment
  • Free Craft Tools
  • Lunch Paid for

Superior Spray Course 5 Days

  • Airless Spraying
  • Air Assisted Spraying
  • uPVC Spraying
  • Kitchen Cabinet Spraying
  • Spray Effects
  • Our Best Seller
  • The Ultimate Spray Course
  • Online Support
  • Some Equipment
  • Some Coatings
  • Free craft Tools
  • Literature Pack
  • Discount codes
  • Pricing Document
  • Lunch Paid for
  • Hotel Discount for those traveling
  • Unlimited Return pass! Come back as much as you want for Free, only with this package

Question: Would you be competent after ONE days training? Competent enough to go out to some ones home and spray uPVC windows or even a kitchen? Answer NO, Hell NO!

Question: Would you be competent to go out after a FIVE day course and spray someone’s uPVC windows or a Kitchen? Answer? Hell NO! If you are naïve enough to think that you can set up shop after doing a ONE day or even a FIVE day course then you are daft as a brush!

Our courses are intense as hell & we cover so much ground it’s unreal but we don’t under ANY circumstances tell you “Hey man, spraying is Easy, You’ll be fine” after 5 Days you’ll be a wizard for sure!! YOU won’t be! fact. What you are being taught is the basics!

By doing the basics with strict discipline will allow you to progress & that’s exactly what spraying is about! progression. We tell all our Academy guys and girls “Look, don’t go and do paid work until you have at least 60 to 70 hours of solid prep and application experience using what we have taught you” Do your own property, do your friends for free!

We teach you well, very well but that being said you won’t be a master after ONE, Two, three or a Five day course, it’s a progression. You will be taught strict rules, break these rules and your support from us is over! Health and safety is also key & we will show you the best and safest methods however if after your training you put yourself or another in harms way or put money first over yours or someone else’s health then we will cut all ties with you!

Question: Do you want to be successful? Do you want to build a business?

Our Knowledge is impeccable. The NEXT course date is the 10th January 2022 1-2-1 courses are available weekly, Email for booking details & info *Franchise Options* Become a SprayMaster! Join SprayMasters UK, find out more today.

We have been spraying uPVC windows since before it was even a “thing” We have sprayed thousands of homes & had zero coatings fail! Learn from the true masters of the game! Get in touch with us today!

We Will School You

uPVC Paint Spraying Course Near Me!


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All Bookings are NON refundable, Deposits must be made when booking & the final balance is to be paid on arrival.

You Must Bring your OWN FULL FACE mask. PPE can be purchased from

You will also require writing material, lunch will be included for each day you are with us.

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