uPVC Painting Cost

uPVC Painting Cost – Explained. 

SprayMasters UK are well known in the Nottingham & Derby area within the window and door manufacturing industry for spraying plastic.

We have been spraying plastic for many years in-house. We decided to take it to the general public in 2015 & start spraying windows and doors in situ. in 2015 there were around 5 companies offering this service & we were one of them. In 2018 it seem’s to be much higher but that doesn’t mean much to us. SprayMasters offer much much more than just spraying, we provide full packages within our quotes. When people receive our quote they often say WOW! really? you can do that? yes we can! We provide a high-quality service with excellent customer care.

Our customer service team actually welcome competition to our customers, we ask that you get 3 to 4 quotes to compare against ours. 95% of people decide to go with us down to what is included in our SprayMaster Package. If a customer says they have had a better quote then what they really mean is they have had a cheap cheap quote, not a better quote.

uPVC Painting Cost – Explained 

Let’s say you want your upvc windows painted grey, who doesn’t right! 

Well it would be around 50% less than buying a replacement window in grey. No one on your street would be able to tell the difference with a spraymasters finish as its flawless. Your neighbours would all think you have brought new ones. We only use quality PVC paint thats made in Italy, its a premium paint with a great molecular make up. Highly UV resistant & also chemical resistant.

UPVC Painters Cost – What to expect 

For a high-end finish on a small to medium sized window you would be looking at paying at around £125 to  £220 excluding vat 

uPVC Door Sprayng cost & GRP Door Spraying Cost – You would expect to recieve prices from £150 utpo £300 excluding vat

Prices depend on style of window or door, type of plastic & size. Other factors to take into consideration is location You may require a specialist UV coating to protect further if your home is in the sun all day.

Tips – A professional company will come out and measure up just as a window company would. We need to workout the material cost per window. Our surveyor measures the frames in Linear meterage & provides accurate pricing per frame. NO Guestermating is done at SprayMasters. All opening windows MUST be removed when spraying and the hole cloaked off anyone not doing this is putting You at risk.

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