Is it worth it? It is amazing when it’s done right

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Painting PVC

Is it worth it? It is amazing when it’s done right

uPVC Painting Cost | How much does it cost to spray uPVC | uPVC Window Spraying Cost Covered.  Here we…

uPVC Painting Cost | How much does it cost to spray uPVC | uPVC Window Spraying Cost Covered. 

Here we will touch on some pricing for you and some facts about uPVC Spraying as a service & what to expect. 

So why are you really wanting to have your windows sprayed? have you done your research? A recent survey on our Instagram page, we asked people a series of questions and 4.2 thousand people answered “They wished they had done their research on the company they used”

Over 400 people Answered “The worst mistake they made having my windows done” 

The people that took part in the survey were from all over the UK & it was interesting to speak to some of them personally & ask them “What Happened” Some said it started to fail after 4 months, some said they got overspray everywhere & one said they blew the entire electrics in the house costing them hundreds of pounds to fix. 

We asked them, why did you use them, what was so good about them? 90% answered “They was cheap” Funnily enough 18 of them had quotes from us & yet still decided to go else where because of the “CHEAP” price. (The 18 was all within the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire area) 10% said they had a really good salesman! 

Lets touch on the term “Cheap” now we all love a deal right? yeah of course we do but there’s getting a deal then there’s getting offered something that’s too good to be true! uPVC Spraying is the cost-effective alternative to buying new! The coating was introduced to extend the life of your current uPVC windows & doors. 

Example of cheap vs accurate pricing – a 3 bed Semi detached with lets say 3 windows upstairs, 2 large consisting of 3 panes and 1 medium consisting of 2panes, now downstairs you have 2 large bay windows, each bay consists of 5 pane sections & a door and a side panel. So, we have 7 items in total, now a cheap quote based on the feedback on the Instagram survey would be £650, now that price is ridiculous the correct pricing of that home would be £1775, so they are £1155 out. 

£650= coming off after 4 months vs £1775 that’ll sit there looking pretty for well over 10 years.

Brand new! £9,000 you’ve a cool £4.5k in the two bay windows alone. Then you’ve the cost of internal decoration because removing the two bays caused internal damage. 

Do you eat cheap crap? cheap crap that’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth? NO of course you don’t, so why do people buy cheap! There is a massive difference between cheap and a great deal, a great deal is “Peace of mind” certainty! awesome looking windows & doors.

 Many that offer uPVC spraying as a service have not got a clue what they are doing or what they are using for that matter. The 10 year guarantee is a selling point but you haven’t really got a 10 year guarantee with them or the manufacturer as they advertise. 

There is many genuine companies out there and will offer a 10 year guarantee & their price will reflect that! You simply can’t expect a 10 year guarantee on a £80 door spray job! a door is minimum “240” to “400” depending on the style of the door & the condition & if you are reading this saying you can get a new door for £400 NO you can’t, we spray for many window manufacturers & we know the pricing of windows & doors. 

Have you bought cheap before? go on answer truthfully! we all have at some point, & does it last? NO You pay cheap, you pay twice. 

Pricing is below, these prices are indications only! 

Family Owned, Family Run, #SprayMastersUK

Are You looking to add curb appeal to your property but don’t want to pay out a fortune! You are obviously considering uPVC onsite spraying as an option & so you should.

It’s amazing! (Disclaimer- it only looks amazing when done by a professional) 

But.. you are curious about the cost! 

Firstly, lets take a look at the many benefits of uPVC Spraying

Benefits of uPVC Window Spraying

  1. cost – UPVC Paint Spraying is the “Cost-Effective Alternative”  to replacement windows and doors, we help you avoid expensive replacements. 
  2. The protection of your existing uPVC windows and doors – A Spray application will not only add colour but also protect the plastic from the elements, extending it’s life.
  3. The main advantage of having your windows and doors sprayed is “Price” it’s less than half the cost of replacement windows and doors
  4. Increase the value of your home – uPVC Paint Spraying will certainly improve the value of your home. Ideal for property flips, property renovations & general home improvement. 
  5. Instant Wow factor! Add some wow factor in no time at all.

uPVC Spraying Cheaper

SprayMasters UK are well known for being the grandmasters of uPVC Spraying.

We have sprayed hundreds of homes & saved the home owners thousands of pounds along the way. 

SprayMasters UK have been offering uPVC Spraying as a Service since 2015 we are not one of the ones that’s jumped on the band wagon we are the ones driving it! 

It all started with the MD’s very own front door! he didn’t like the colour of the door so decided to spray it, it was then he had a “Light bulb” moment! 

SprayMasters are responsible for many “Anthracite Grey” windows in and around the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire areas. 80% of the work is word of mouth.  

In 2015 the MD posted an image of his door on his personal Facebook account, within an hour it had 72 comments, some positive but many negative. The reason for so many negative was that Plastic has never been intended to be decorated!

Negative comments such as “it won’t last” & “It’ll fall Off” 

Those who were negative have since had work done by SprayMasters at their own homes. 

Because it was unheard of people were dubious & considered it to be a con! Now 5 years on & people favour this option over buying new windows and doors. #Costeffective

If your windows and doors are mechanically sound then

Why Replace when You can Restore! 

It’s revolutionary! It’s amazing! 

This service will transform your home. 

*Did you know we can do inside & out? you could colour coordinate each room of the home*


How much does it cost to spray uPVC

The best way to get a quote is to fill out the form below & one of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible, the quotes we provide are valid for 60 days. Our Guarantee’s are 10 Year adhesion Guarantee & 5 year UV, You can have additional Protective coatings to protect the colour for longer. 

All prices vary due to the sizes of the windows, the access required to reach the upper level windows & the condition of the windows or doors. 

Conservatories also start from around £1,000 + VAT 

A thorough inspection of the upvc is always carried out & any issues is outlined within the quotation. 

Our pricing is competitive & the service we offer is second to none, we never lower our prices due to what we offer.

Cheap prices often indicate self taught *YouTube Trained* individuals that have no clue on what they are doing or what they are pricing for! Many do not understand the chemical make up of plastic. 

uPVC Door Paint 

The Coating we use that we buy in directly from Italy is ideal for uPVC and GRP, The coating finishes amazing on Both, We only use the best. SprayMasters UK have used the Italian product for 5 years & never had a single issue. 

Professional Door Spraying cost starts at around £240 + VAT *Door Slab Only* – This is only an estimate, all doors are different sizes and styles. Arched doors with two side panels you can expect to be paying upwards of £400

We carry out onsite surveys and provide all customers with detailed quotes. 

Painting uPVC Windows


Where are SprayMasters UK Located? #Alfreton

Unit B3, Salcombe Road, Meadow Lane Industrial Estate. DE55 7RG

uPVC Painting Cost

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