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uPVC Painting Cost

Painting PVC


uPVC Painting CostuPVC Painting Cost 

SprayMasters UK are well known for being the grandmasters of uPVC Spraying, we are referred to as the veterans of spraying uPVC windows & doors when ever someone recommends us. We have been spraying for many years.

In order for a coating to last on plastic the preparation has to be meticulous, the spray technicians have to be diligent in masking to application, window opener removal to refitting.

Spraying Painting is an art form, it’s simply not a case of pull the trigger & hope for the best, it’s finesse it’s connecting the eyes to the hands & creating something amazing.

Here at the SprayMasters we have a rigorous quality control procedure, risk is high when carrying out this operation at someone’s home, that’s why the SprayMasters are the best, we have had zero incidents, everything is run like clock work.

Waiting List

SprayMasters UK have a waiting list of around 2 months for uPVC Paint Spraying, we’ve had customers booked in from last year 2018 who have patiently waited for us as we come highly recommended by others who had had their homes done. To avoid disappointment simply fill out the form below and someone will contact you  ASAP.


The best way to get a quote is to fill out the form below & one of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible, the quotes we provide are valid for 60 days. Our Guarantee’s are 10 Year adhesion Guarantee & 5 year UV, You can have additional Protective coatings to protect the colour for longer.

uPVC Door Paint 

It’s the same product that goes onto the windows, the uPVC paint that we use is a premium product that will last.

Painting uPVC Windows

Although “Paint” is in the job description you would never try and use these chemicals with a brush! it just wouldn’t work as the coating is a spray only product. Only trained professionals should use uPVC Paint as it indicates on the technical data sheets.

uPVC Painting Cost

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"We hired the spraymasters to change the colour of our windows, they did a fantastic job for a fair price. " Jo Allen – Nottingham