What is Sugar Soap You ask!

As the name suggests, sugar soap is used to ‘’clean’’ walls & other substrates for the purpose of decorating them. Don’t get fooled by the name ‘’Sugar soap’’ as there is no sugar in it but its granulated appearance in powder form gives it that name.

Companies use different formulas for the preparation of these soaps. It is a detergent for washing walls containing some skin irritating ingredients in it.

Sugar soap is an “OK” cleaner & it’s relatively cheap, it’s used for cleaning down interior wood work, interior walls & ceilings in pre painting preparation.

Sugar Soap Vs Our GO TO brand & Why!

Indoor and outdoor paint degreaser

HG intensive cleaner for painting without sanding is also suitable for removing stains from dirty paintwork caused by nicotine or atmospheric dirt. This paint cleaner can be used both inside and outside. HG intensive cleaner for painting without sanding is also available in a ready-to-use package, the perfect pre paint cleaner for small paintjobs.

How to use HG intensive cleaner for painting without sanding?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG intensive cleaner for painting without sanding (1L).

  1. Painting without sanding is possible, but make sure you dilute HG intensive cleaner for painting without sanding concentrate with water in a ratio of 9:1.
  2. Apply the solution with a scouring sponge or a scotch bright pad, we recommend the maroon coloured ones, they are the equivalent to 320 sand paper
  3. Then wipe off with plenty of water.
  4. The surface must be thoroughly dry before applying the paint.
  5. If you only want to clean, dilute the product at a ratio depending on the how dirty the surface is and the type of dirt.
  6. Apply the solution with a regular sponge and leave it to work.
  7. Then wipe it off with plenty of water and leave the surface to dry or dry it off with a clean shammy or cloth.

Top Tip – We use this as a 9 to 1 mix ration, 9 parts warm water to 1 part HG Cleaner. We use this cleaner on our kitchen cabinets, we use the HG Grease remover for around the cooker hubs onsite.

The HG cleaner will cost you a few more quid than the sugar soap but you’ll get better results as the HG product penetrates the surface better and lifts out the dirt and grime that you can’t see.

Using the HG Cleaner will insure the perfect base for your painting project. You will have a sound, clean base.

We as a company only use great quality products & this is one of them, we wouldn’t recommend something to you that isn’t what we say it is.



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