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uPVC Window Spraying. We always Stress the upmost importance of the correct weather! Bookings The timings for onsite “Exterior Spraying” are essential. To achieve full coating infusion the environmental conditions along with ambient surface temperature has to be correct. This is not a service that can be “Chanced” upon

uPVC Window Spraying near me. UPVC replacement windows vs Sprayed windows. Check out all our latest case studies

Did you know that uPVC Window Spraying is the Cost-effective alternative to replacement windows! “Change the colour not the Window”

Two bold statements we have been preaching since 2015! if you see those statements anywhere else then they have stolen them off us! One thing no one can steal from us is our expertise, skill & professionalism.

“Everybody want’s to be SprayMasters” “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

How do you feel about your windows?

Is the appearance of your home getting you down?

SprayMasters UK have a long standing history of Spraying uPVC Windows and doors.

SprayMasters UK Have a secret unique selling point! Obviously we don’t put it out there on the internet other wise it wouldn’t be “Unique”

Using our USP, We have Sprayed thousands of homes & we have helped people just like you save thousands of pounds. Our Specialist premium coating is a sound investment. It reinvents your home with a brand new look & all for the fraction of the cost of new.

We promise your experience with us will be a good one, our workmanship will be remembered for all the right reasons! Fact!

Did you know that We have been upcycling uPVC Windows & Doors since 2015? Yes, it’s true, 2015 we started offering uPVC Spraying as a service!

Did you know that the coating was originally invented to extend to current lifespan of the uPVC by adding layers of protection.

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“It Will be like you’ve had Brand new Windows & Doors Installed”

SprayMasters UK – Leading Experts in Surface Treatment & Coating Applications. 

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The Leading uPVC Spraying Company, Nobody doe’s it better! Hundreds of Windows & Doors Transformed since 2015 & not an issue in sight! “Quality” 


A SprayMastersUK Spray job IS Perfection

A common Question is Will it Last? If it’s done by a “True Professional” Yes

uPVC looks great when done correctly.
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What the benefits of Having my windows Sprayed

  • Cost- uPVC Window Spraying is the “Cost-Effective Alternative” to replacement Windows and doors, it’s the Cheaper Solution, You’ll save thousands by having your Plastic Sprayed vs Replaced.
  • Protection. The coating will extend the life of your uPVC Windows & Doors by acting as a protective barrier. If your windows are no longer energy efficient then you will need to buy new – No point in having them sprayed if they are No good.
  • Durability. “A Good 10 Years” It’s Tough, flexible & made to withstand what ever the weather can throw at it.
  • Disruption. There are NO building works involved with uPVC Paint Spraying nor do you have to worry about the cost of internal redecorating that you’d get with having new windows installed (Wallpaper or Walls being damaged via window installation)
  • Duration.  Many projects take around two to three days however the smaller projects can be completed within one day. *Weather permitting* uPVC Spraying is a seasonal service & very much weather dependent.
  • Samples. You Can visit us in Alfreton to View our Samples & also take a look around.

*Google uPVC Paint Spraying Near me* & see how many Times SprayMasters UK come up.

uPVC Colour Applications are weather dependent, it cant be done in low temperatures, rain or wind.

Why Choose us, in a Nutshell, Expertise, Knowledge, Finish & we a Trustworthy!

  • 24 Month Maintenance package with every spray application – This is a huge statement from us, if the coating got damaged within 24months of us spraying your uPVC we would recoat it for you & no Extra Charge.
  • 12 Month Annual Paint Refresh – We will call round after 12months and inspect the coating  & also clean the plastic with our coating cleaning solution.
  • Specialists in Surface treatment & application experts – SprayMasters UK are leading experts in Surface treatment & application.
  • We carry state of the art testing equipment to test each coating that’s applied. Outside applications must be tested. 

Why Choose SprayMasters UK

With Over 20 Years Experience within the professional spraying industry traveling the entire length of the UK & even parts of Europe spraying everything & anything.

We are now Industry leaders, training providers & most recently professional consultants to the construction industry we are most certainly a cut above the rest. 

Our reputation is one that’s been built on the Quality of our work.

Our name is one that carries Trust, Quality & Competence”  In February 2020 we have been paid EXTRA to travel outside of our 25 mile working distance because they wanted us.

Get A Quote from the Original & Best uPVC Colour Application Specialists! We Promise you a Quality job for a fair price!

uPVC Replacement Windows vs Sprayed

If Your windows are working perfectly fine then DON’T replace “REFACE”

Replacement windows and doors are expensive and will leave a large dent on the bank account balance.

uPVC Paint Spraying is a great way of increasing the homes appearance and overall aura & less than half the cost, it’s also a great way of increasing the properties value should you be wanting to sell on.

“Not only does uPVC Spraying improve the appearance of the home but also extends the life of your uPVC by protecting it 

Styles & Colour choices – With So many different colours available it can be hard to choose the right one. You can come on over to over workshop and take a look at the many different shades on our display wall.  

Our process: Simply fill out the form below & one of the team will be in touch with you shortly, we are all family here so you’ll receive first class customer service.

We will arrange a home visit where we will carry out a thorough professional survey & then issue you with a detailed quotation & some available dates to have the works done.


uPVC Window & Door Spraying is true cost-effective alternative to replacements.

We have restored hundreds of homes since we began offering this as a service in 2015 & save homeowners thousands of pounds in the process.

How did it happen for SprayMasters UK

In 2015 the owner of SprayMasters UK “Ashley Wright” didn’t like the colour of his front door “Green” so being a commercial onsite spraying contractor he knew how to prep the door & what to coat it with. As he was doing the door he had lots of interest, people were curious, they didn’t think it was possible to spray plastic.

The door was Sprayed Slate grey RAL 7015

4 people on his street asked for a price for theirs to be done & then the lightbulb moment happened!

Initially he thought he would just do it at weekends in and around his commercial contracts where he sprayed for the likes of Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys & more…..

He became that busy with people wanting to have their homes transformed in his local area that he slashed the commercial works right down & the rest is history.

Ashley has gone on to train over 240 businesses on “how to Spray uPVC” with the SprayMasters Course the best in the country & during the course he will state that he was “Spraying uPVC Before it was even a thing”

SprayMasters UK have saved home owners thousands of pounds, sprayed hundreds & hundreds of litres of Anthracite Grey & other colours but mostly grey.

We are the heavyweight champions when it comes to home aesthetic improvements.

We are always extremely busy with upgrading the look of peoples homes. Our two top selling services are uPVC & Kitchen spraying with the kitchen spraying edging it as the No1 home improvement.

How it normally works for us is that a customer will have us in to change the look of their windows & then they have us back for the kitchen or vice versa.

sometimes we spray the render for them, worktops, wardrobes, furniture, garage doors, You name it really! “We can Spray it”

The transformations that the homes go through is incredible, we take images before, during & after & we share them with the customer either throughout the project or at the end.

One thing our customers really like is the extra mile we go to, we call back round after a few weeks to see how the project has settled. What we are looking for as a company is any “thermal movement” or coating errors.

“We never have either”

A coating error is something we have never come across since we have started this service as we only buy the best. The Italians make great coatings, we wouldn’t use anything else.

upvc window spraying

We care about each and every job we do, we are not just in business just for the “Money” You are only as good as the last project you did.

We take great pride in our work.

Quality is at the heart of what we do.

At Our workshop in Alfreton we do all our inhouse spraying on kitchen cabinets, uPVC, MDF & more, we won’t let anything go out the door if it’s not done to high standard.

Our Workshop is open to the trade & public on Saturdays from 930am to 130pm, you are most welcome to come in and have a look at our samples & discuss what we do & how we do it.

We have a drinks machine so coffee & tea is on hand, we can even stretch to a biscuit.

Replacement Windows VS Sprayed Windows?

Did you know that chances are that if you have brought NEW windows then they may have already been sprayed.

It’s quicker & more cost effective for the window company to make your NEW windows and doors in white grain foil and have them sprayed as opposed to buying coloured profile.

It’s also a faster turn around for the window company “cash flow” We Spray loads of frames for window companies.

How long does the coating last for? 

That depends on a number of things, who does the spraying, what they use, their preparation.

We can only speak for our selves & how long our coating lasts for, we can confidently say our coating will go past 10 years.

Our coating will go past 10 years because one of the ingredients derives from the car industry, the coating is a specially formulated product it has great flexibility so it will move with the plastic when “thermal movement” occurs.

The coating is heat resistant – If the wrong coating was applied to plastic & wasn’t heat resistant it was cause the plastic to warp.

We have many images from homeowners who opted for the “Cheap Quote” but ultimately paid the price because we couldn’t help them & they needed to buy NEW!

uPVC Spraying is the cost-effective alternative to replacement windows and doors when it’s been done correctly & using the correct TRUE products! 

Car bumper tinted primers are masqueraded as Specialist uPVC Coatings in Shiny tins but are not & will fail after 12 months!

Lorry curtain Wall Coatings  have also been rebranded & placed in Shiny colourful tins, the manufacturers saw an opportunity.

We are technically sound on coatings, we can tell you what each product is actually for. Many companies who offer a 10 year guarantee when in fact there isn’t one, yes you read it correctly, there isn’t one.

The 10 year guarantee. People selling uPVC Spraying as service will inform you of a 10 year manufacturers guarantee when in reality there isn’t one.

Ask to see the paper work! We are probably one of the many few that have a “Genuine, insurance backed Guarantee”

Cheap quotes, misguided information & non trained companies will do nothing but cause you a serious head ache and a strain on the bank balance as you will end up either paying to have it done again or it may be that bad that you have to buy NEW!

Pictures on the internet.

Any picture can look good on the internet, with all the filters and editing apps available you can transform a pig into glamour model in less than 5 minutes, pictures on the internet do NOT show true accounts of Quality.

We say to our customers you can come & see samples and styles down at the workshop in Alfreton.

Our Lead Surveyors also carry sprayed samples of Kitchens & uPVC so you can See it first hand, touch it, check the quality.

Ashley’s Father Mike, the leading surveyor & salesman for SprayMasters UK goes out with lots of sample variety for Kitchen cabinets & uPVC So people can see its not just Grey.

Mike, who is an Ex Royal Marine Commando & spent many many years working for Experian who are most well know as a credit burau but in actual fact are a large database warehouse company who’s main skills lie in pulling together multiple separate data elements and connecting them to individuals and businesses.

Mike has brought a wealth of experience into SprayMasters UK & has helped cement us as one of the best home improvement companies.

Booking with SprayMasters UK

We Won’t let anything leave the workshop if it’s not right!

Upvc Window and door spraying service is always booked out, people are often shocked when we tell them that you could be waiting for some time for us but they are happy to wait.

Many uPVC projects have a knock on effect, we will do one job and then family or friends will pop round to see them & then want theirs doing, that’s how it works.

One Job leads to another!

Spraying is our passion, we take pride in all that we do & will be around for a long time!

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uPVC Window Spraying

SprayMasters UK – uPVC Conservatory Spraying

Replacement Windows are costly – uPVC Painting is the way forward

Check out our case studies on “Spray Paint uPVC Windows Cost”

uPVC Window Paint Spraying Near Me.

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