Look in here for Furniture Makeovers

Furniture Spray Paint,  Spray Painting Kitchen units & Much More. 

SprayMasters UK are number “ONE” for the revival of kitchens & furniture..

Why replace when you can restore! seriously Big Savings you simply can’t ignore!

No matter how old and dated a piece of furniture is we can revive it, not only can we revive it but we can modernise it.

We can make your furniture look better than NEW!

We have our very own style and design team within SprayMasters UK that help you achieve the look you are going for.

Furniture Spray Paint. It’s Tough & It’s Durable.

It’s great to have someone within the business with interior design experience of the highest level!

sprayed kitchen cabinet

Farrow and Balls Brinjal

With So many Editing apps & filters available on our smart phones these days all images look great, all it takes is 5 minutes to glam a picture up, true quality doesn’t require such editing or filters.

Take a look at the image at the right hand side of your screen, this freshly sprayed kitchen cabinet is a testament to how good we can finish, it’s flawless.

furniture spray painting near me

Superior Quality, Superior Products, Superior Company

Now take a look at this image to your left! You can clearly see the extent of the quality in this image.

We are masters of finishing, this work is sublime, you wont find better than this anywhere!

Superior Finishing, Superior Skillset “SprayMasters UK”

Why don’t you come and see for your self? Our workshop is based in Alfreton Derbyshire.

You can book to come and see us or if you would like a home visit we can arrange that for you no problem.

SprayMasters UK have been transforming kitchens, furniture, uPVC windows & Doors for years now & we have built up a solid reputation for High level finishing.

80% of our work is via word of mouth, we get a lot of work through people we know & our personal social media channels.

Furniture Paint Spraying Near Me

Did You Know that The SprayMasters have a combined 20 years experience in furniture spraying, kitchen spraying & uPVC Spraying. This family owned has a real passion for delivering high quality, You are in safe hands.

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