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uPVC Spraying Cost – uPVC Paints

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uPVC Spraying CostUPVC Spraying Costs. uPVC Painting isn’t expensive although it can be it you buy cheap and end up paying to have it done twice.

You can have your windows, doors, conservatories sprayed for a mere snippet of what you’d pay for brand new coloured windows & doors from a company & we know because we work first hand with window companies so when we issue quotes we know 100% cheaper than them. Low Cost, HIGH Quality. 



uPVC Spraying Costs – uPVC Painting


Questions we get asked a lot is, how much does it cost? how long will it last? Well, the answer to cost is, it won’t break the bank, you won’t have to take out a finance package to have your existing windows & doors sprayed. The second question is it will last for a minimum of 10 years.

Let’s use the two pictures below as a uPVC Spray Cost Analysis, the owners of this property had a quote for coloured windows, a full house, they decided to buy white windows and have us spray them & our spraying cost still came in lower than what it would have done for coloured windows and doors from the window company, hows that for money well spent.

Want to take a look at how we do it? click the link and watch the short video How to Paint PVC Windows

uPVC Spraying Costs- uPVC Paints




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