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Spraying Kitchen Cabinets – The Kitchen ReSpray Experts –  The very best in spray painting kitchen cabinets.   

Do you feel your Kitchen is getting you down? Fed up of seeing those old horrid doors day in day out?

Moving into a property with a Dated kitchen?

SprayMasters UK can save the day! We are specialists in kitchen resurrections, we are a phone call away, lets get you booked in.

“We Transformed over 50 Kitchens in 2019” 

Why Replace, When we Can Restore, Amazing savings You Simply Can’t Ignore, So let’s Restore. Don’t Delay, Get in Touch Today, It’s time to Act, Lets change the way your kitchen looks.

Makeover Time! Trust us! 

You’ll be thrilled with what we can do for you. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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The Many Benefits of having your Kitchen Sprayed

  • Kitchen Spraying is the “Cost-Effective Alternative” to a replacement Kitchen, it’s the cheaper Solution. “Beautiful Colours” You must see our Samples!
  • A Great Looking Kitchen For a fraction of the cost, amazing savings.
  • There is no building works that will cause you unnecessary stress with kitchen spraying, it’s stress free! A Beautiful new kitchen in just days without feeling stressed!
  • Low maintenance – the coatings we use are Superior, highly chemical resistant & need minimal cleaning, dust & grime will not stick to the coating. Superior Quality, Premium liquid coatings
  • Hard wearing – The coatings used by SprayMasters are Super Durable & Long lasting.
  • “Luxury Kitchen for Less” High-end finish, Book your appointment today!

The Money Saved with A Kitchen Makeover will free up cash for other Home improvements or towards a holiday!

One of the biggest advantages of Kitchen Spraying is that it’s Cheaper than having to buy a NEW kitchen, that’s why we stress that it’s the “cost-Effective Alternative”. We Have Transformed Hundreds of Kitchens throughout Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire delivering high end beautiful freshly coloured kitchens.

Firstly, Why Choose us, Who are We

SprayMasters UK is a family run business.

Spraying is our Passion.

We have over 20 years of experience within the professional spraying industry we have traveled the entire lengths of the UK & even some parts of Europe.

Over the years we have completed many prestigious commercial & construction projects.

We are industry leaders, training providers & most recently consultants to the construction industry.

Our reputation has been built on the Quality of our workmanship.

SprayMasters UK is a name that carries “Trust, Quality & Competence”

In February 2020 we was paid extra to travel out side of our 25 mile working distance because they wanted us! “This was a Kitchen” 

Kitchen Packages

We can taylor make a package to suit any budget.

These are our packages

The premium package
All items are carefully removed by the kitchen spraying team, then packaged and transported back to our spray shop where the transformation begins.

Extensive Preparation.

We Steam Clean all items to remove all traces of dirt (Not visible to the eye dirt)

We fill handle holes and drill new holes ready for new handles supplied by us. We have a fantastic range.

Extensive abrading of the items with the Festool dustless sanding equipment.

All items sprayed with extreme high build primer filler to remove all blemishes. All deep filling carried out. A premium product the delivers amazing results.

If you have an Oak kitchen we can remove the grain on the faces to give you a brand new door look.

See the image

Kitchen filler

superior coatings, extreme high build primer filler, worth every penny.







All items Sprayed with the finest premium quality kitchen coating from the Italian manufacturer “Lechler”

Onsite spraying is included in the premium package. Any items that can’t be removed will be sprayed on site.

The Semi DIY package

This is an all new package from the SprayMasters, we understand that in the current global situation budgets are tight and this is ideal for those that would like their kitchens to be done.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and if you are unhappy with it then that can have impact on your mental health, we are here to help.

You have options with this package you can either dismantle & deliver the all the kitchen items your self and collect for maximum savings.

You simply pay for the works done to the kitchen items or we can dismantle, collect and refit but we don’t do any onsite work.

We can taylor make a package to suit your budget, at SprayMasters UK we provide options and you decide whats right for you.

How Long Does it Take – From collection of your kitchen it takes around 10 days.

“Some Kitchens Require more Extensive preparation such as blown vinyl & water damaged”

Blown Vinyl has to be taken back to the MDF & it turns out better than it did before.

SprayMasters are advanced spray technicians, we have years of experience & knowledge, any Kitchen we transform will look amazing.

All kitchen Cabinets & draws are removed and sprayed off site in our booth, all the non removable items such as pelmets, kick boards and side panels are sprayed onsite with our hybrid waterbased coating. 

How hard wearing & Durable is the coating

The coating that we use on spraying kitchen cabinets is extremely tough & highly chemical resistant.

A superior coating from Italy that will not crack, peel of flake off, it will stand up to the most extreme kitchen environments such as fast food restaurants.

What Finish can We Expect 

You will get the showroom finish with SprayMasters, we don’t let any work go out if it’s not looking 100% better than when it came in to our sprayshop.

we have a quality control process in place.

What Extra’s Can You Offer US

SprayMasters offer handle hole filling & new handle re alignment & fitting, we also offer the supply of new handles through our contacts.

We Can also have really damaged units replaced for identical like for like doors or draws.

Worktops – We have a contact that can change your worktops “Granite Templates” They look fantastic.

We have helped our own family members revamp their Kitchens & saved them a small fortune! 

Come & take a look around at our colours & samples in Alfreton, Derbyshire. Amazing colours to pick from

We Operate Within 25 miles from Alfreton,Derbyshire.

How Much Will it Cost

Kitchen Spraying Price? 

Extremely less than a new one! If your kitchen is structurally sound then why go for to the expense and the stress of having a new one.

A new kitchen is significantly more expensive than having it professionally sprayed, the cost can be astronomical depending on the size & built in appliances.

If Your kitchen is perfectly fine then all it needs is a facelift. You must see our samples & what we can do for you.

For Professional Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting will cost between £1,000 to £3,500. Brand new kitchens are very expensive, in excess of £6,000 for a small kitchen. A Professional Kitchen makeover by SprayMasters UK will save you thousands of pounds & we guarantee it’ll look fantastic.

QUALITY Will last, it will stand the test of time, everyone see’s the value in buying Quality products or a service “The length of time in which it will Last” a Sound Investment.

A Home improvement that was well worth it.

SprayMasters UK Can Transform Your Dull, Tired & Dated Kitchen into Something AMAZING, MODERN & FRESH

We Guarantee You Will be Thoroughly Impressed with Our Prices & Our Quality.  

You are so close to a Kitchen Makeover, Simply call us today, you will feel great you did & your kitchen will look Fantastic, We Promise!

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Professional Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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