uPVC Window Spraying Eastwood, Notts. it’s #Anthracite

Add curb appeal to your home, get your windows & doors professionally sprayed.

uPVC Window Spraying – This option is easier and less expensive than adding new windows, or cladding a whole section of a property’s exterior, but it still makes a significant visual difference and hints at the style of the interior.

Add that all important style to your home…….

By now the majority of people are starting to see that uPVC colouring is a “Thing” It’s here to stay & it’s great.

Why’s it great though? It’s great because it allows you to transform the appearance of your home, External & internal without the mahuuuuusive expense of buying new!

You could colour Coordinate each room of the house to suit the internal decoration! How lush is that, Pink toilet, Pink window? Do people even have pink toilets? lol

It’s not going to break the bank “Unless you choose a POP UP firm” then you’ll be paying to have it done twice or worse having to replace the windows.

The wrong products mixed with thermal expansion & the frames will get there ass kicked. Karen on Facebook went with her mate “Dave” who did a One Day course & ruined her windows!

Don’t be like Karen!

We have been coating up window frames onsite since 2015 but on construction sites since 2013 you can track our history online.

We have been everywhere! SprayMasters UK is a genuine, legitimate uPVC Spraying “Specialist

Heavyweight champions of the uPVC window spraying industry, we don’t upload half the work we do as the images get cropped and used on other pages, we’ve seen our images on literally all over the internet.


Since we moved into the new & much larger premises in Alfreton, people can actually come in and see the quality of the work we produce.

You can See all the products, see the samples & touch them, images on the net look OK but people want to see things up close and personal.

You are welcome to come down to our workshop any Saturday of the month to take a look at what we do & what we can offer you. We are open to the public on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:30pm.

Now, please take a look at this property we did in Eastwood, Notts. White uPVC transformed to Anthracite grey RAL 7016 the nations own “Heavyweight Champion of Colour” #Anthracite #SprayMastersUK #uPVCWindowSpraying

What Do you Think?? You Love it & now you want yours doing don’t you! Well what are you waiting for then? Get in touch with the best, swerve the rest and come directly to SprayMasters UK! The heavyweight Champions of UPVC Spraying.

We can give you what they can’t “A Quality, Long Lasting Finish” 

uPVC Window Spraying Eastwood

We are open Every Saturday morning from 9AM to 130PM

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Have a great day, remember to Keep Smiling in these strange times, #Staysafe 

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