Elite Finishing – The Masters of Spray, Advanced Spray Technicians.

SprayMasters UK are experts in Spraying Glass, Kitchens, uPVC windows & Doors, Ceramic Tiles, Furniture & Many Many more substrates. We have teams of Elite, Advanced Spray Technicians.

We have been saving homeowners & business thousands of pounds by upgrading their existing substrates instead of replacing them for new. OUR first Kitchen respray was back in 2013 in Chesterfield it was sprayed in RAL 7044 Silk Grey & all these years on it still looks fantastic as we was called back this year for some uPVC Spraying by the same homeowner. Good Quality will last, the value of buying quality pays long term. 

Kitchen Refurbishments are a sound investment, cheaper than replacing for new, the quality of the product & the finishing is High-end.

Here at SprayMasters UK we have transformed well over 300 Kitchens since 2013 but this year we are doing a phenomenal amount of kitchens because people are now starting to cotton on that it’s out there.

It’s the cost-effective alternative to buying NEW

We Spray Furniture, Kitchens, uPVC Windows & Doors, Glass, Energy saving coatings & Much more.

SprayMasters Strip down around 80% of your existing kitchen & take it back to our Spray shop in Langley-Mill. The turn around time is approx. 10 days but some kitchens do take longer, it all depends of the current condition & what it’s made from.

If a kitchen is in “Good” condition & simply requires a colour change then it gets returned before the 10 day turn around, we are often calling the homeowner asking to bring it back & do the onsite element. It’s approx. 1 in 15 that this happens.

We have a display on our Wall in our Factory Shop if you wanted to call in & see some samples. Our Surveyors also carry samples with them when they are doing home visits.

To arrange a home visit simply fill out the online inquiry form & we will respond within 24 hours unless it’s the weekend then it will be first thing on Monday morning.

Elite Finishing

We Spray Furniture, Kitchens, uPVC Windows & Doors, Conservatories inside & out, Glass & Much more

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