upvc painting in Heanor, Derbyshire

Spraying uPVC in Heanor, Derbyshire.

From Rosewood to Ice white, uPVC Paint.

When Your windows are perfectly fine, the locks are OK, the hinges are OK but the colour is all wrong. In this case, they were brown & to replace good windows purely for the colour would be expensive.

Spraying uPVC is definitely a game changer. uPVC paint technology will help you see huge savings compared to buying new but people must remember that this isn’t painting, this is a specialist service. The high-performance coatings need to be applied in a very particular way in order for it to work. Preparation is Key, Quality is Key.

Plastic is one of the hardest substrates to get anything to bind to & the coating has to be able to not only bond but also move with the British weather. The paint has to be flexible & able to maintain is stability under heat from the sun & also the ice-cold temperatures we see in the winter months.

We offer a 10-year minimum guarantee on all our uPVC Paint.

uPVC painting is a unique way of modernising Your home without having to pay out a fortune.

Spraying uPVC in Derbyshire

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