uPVC Painter but it isn’t Painting

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uPVC Painter but it isn’t Painting

uPVC Painter but it isn’t Painting. The Names “SprayMasters UK”   Perhaps you’ve heard of uPVC Painting by now, but…

uPVC-Paint-Spraying-CompanyuPVC Painter but it isn’t Painting. The Names “SprayMasters UK”


Perhaps you’ve heard of uPVC Painting by now, but did you know four years ago it was laughed at because uPVC is made in such a way that nothing should stick to it & now four years on and its becoming increasingly popular with the homeowner.

Just as you are sat here now reading this you are wanting some information on price, durability and duration, am I right? well let me talk you through it.

Yes its Painting of uPVC windows, doors & conservatories however this isn’t “Painting by Brush” this is a spray application process only, that should only be carried out by knowledgeable, skillful & competent professionals.

Imagine how you would feel if you paid for someone to colour your windows & it came off after 3 months? You would be gutted right? As with anything that becomes popular you will find many that start to do this job but do they really know their PVC from their uPVC, GRP to the Poly Carbs.

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How would you like to have anthracite grey windows or perhaps painswick, would you opt for the dark choices or the lighter colours? I find many go for the darker greys as its less maintenance on the cleaning side, what’s your thoughts on this.


You will see 10 years adhesion when the process is done correctly, everything starts out with the preparation, “fail to prepare & prepare to fail” how do you make your coffee in the mornings, milk first or after? their is a proper way of doing things and then there’s the guestimaters. When uPVC windows are done correctly from the prep to the spraying it will see 10 years adhesion.


When you go to the shops and do your weekly food buy do you go for the top brand product, the supermarkets own brand or the supermarkets no thrills brand? me I always like to go for the brand that stands for quality, as I know it tastes good, it’s not got rubbish packed into it, it’s certainty, I’m familiar with this brand. Now your thinking to your self yes but that’s because you’ve used it before, it’s not the same with using a contractor to spray our windows & your correct but that’s where you need to do your home work, reviews across the web are helpful.

The cost will not break the bank however imagine letting untrained and incompetent people to spray dangerous chemicals at your home, “they’ve got all the gear, nice van, nice website but they have no idea” It’s a lot like putting a real life homer Simpson in charge of a real life nuclear power station! Catastrophic

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If you would like a professional survey & then a detailed quotation doing for a uPVC Spraying Transformation you can simple fill out the form below & someone will be in touch with you, fell free to take a look at our other web pages, links below. If you would prefer to speak over the phone you can call us on 01246 897043 or 01773 848247.

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