Stop, look & listen, amazing results by the best spraying company.

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how to refurbish kitchen cabinets?

Stop, look & listen, amazing results by the best spraying company.

upcycling household furniture, Kitchen cabinets, upvc windows & More. Stop! Don’t buy NEW! Why do you need new, Is it…

upcycling household furniture, Kitchen cabinets, upvc windows & More.

Stop! Don’t buy NEW! Why do you need new, Is it a necessity, do you really need it, how will it improve your life now.

Look! are you looking to improve your properties status? are you wanting to upgrade the windows? reinstate the Kitchen? replace furniture for brand new!

Listen! What if we told you that you don’t just save money by having the following items sprayed at your home

  • uPVC Windows, doors, conservatory, Gutters and downpipes, Fascia’s & soffits.
  • Exterior gas, electric boxes.
  • Garage Doors, Roller shutter garage door.
  • Furniture, Table & Chairs, Bedroom furniture, Built in Wardrobes, Welsh dresser, Chest of drawers Book cabinet etc.
  • Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen worktops, Kitchen dinning stools, kitchen splash backs, kitchen tiles.
  • Interior household doors, Banisters, railings, radiator covers, radiators etc.

Think about it, there’s so much more to upcycling than just “Money” yes it is great that we are helping you achieve saving money, everyone loves to save money, we all love a deal but what are we getting at?

The Environment, Everyone should be making an effort to do their bit for the environment by having any of the above sprayed you are effectively helping the environment, why? LANDFILLS.

Environmental Impact of Landfills.

  • The creation of landfills typically means destroying natural habitats for wildlife. The average landfill size is 600 acres. With over 3,000 active landfills in the United States, as much as 1,800,000 acres of habitat have been lost. 
  • While landfills are required to have plastic or clay lining by federal regulation, these liners tend to have leaks. This can result in leachate, a liquid produced by landfill sites, contaminating nearby water sources, further damaging ecosystems. 
  • Leachate can contain high levels of ammonia. When ammonia makes its way into ecosystems it is nitrified to produce nitrate. This nitrate can then cause eutrophication, or a lack of oxygen due to increased growth of plant life, in nearby water sources. Eutrophication creates “dead zones” where animals cannot survive due to lack of oxygen. Along with ammonia, leachate contains toxins such as mercury due to the presence of hazardous materials in landfills.

Eco friendly Coatings that are STRONG, they are strong enough to protect all of the items listed above but more importantly they protect the environment.

At SprayMasters UK we are making a BOLD statement of intent, we will make a valiant effort to drive home the importance of upcycling over buying new. As we mentioned earlier that it’s important for everyone to do their bit. BY 2022 we hope to have all our fleet vehicle’s running by way of electric instead of Diesel! #Doingourbit

SprayMasters UK – Sprayers with Intent! upcycling household furniture and more since 2013

SprayMasters UK’s Quality and Environmental policy has just be re written with a firm stance on less landfill waste.

  • upcycle, reuse what you have by having it professionally sprayed with an eco friendly coating #Doyourbit
  • Revive all your existing over buying new, The old doesn’t have to be old it just needs the SprayMasters UK Touch!
  • As a Company we will be actively getting the message across to upcycle over replacing, it’s more than just saving money!

upcycling household furniture, kitchen cabinet spraying

Waterbased coatings are not what they used to be! back in the day they were garbage but the advances in coating technology has improved dramatically and just in time for the #movement

WB coatings are tough, they are durable & they will last we have many samples on display at our workshop in Alfreton, why not come and down and take a look! Do your bit.

Come and see us for your upcycle project, tell your friends & your family to do their bit. Lets come together & All do our bit! #upcycle

uPVC Windows Spraying & Emissions: Did you know that some people that are out there offering uPVC Spraying services are using chemicals that shouldn’t be used outside.

What we mean is that there use was intended for spray booths that have filtration and extraction systems in!

Some people spraying uPVC do not care about YOU, your home or the Environment they just want some money out of you so they can go to the seaside and ride the donkeys! They are thick as pig s@#t and have no clue what they are doing.

So many out there now all running round with cheap prices and dangerous to life chemicals, some of them you have to think that out of the millions of sperm “YOU, you was really the best that got through”

upcycling household furniture, kitchen cabinet spraying.

SprayMasters UK are the Elite, we have been around for years and we will be around for many years to come because we don’t go to work thinking solely about “Money” We provide solutions. Coating solutions to your problem so to speak! Your kitchen wants a makeover, we can sort it, your furniture needs refreshing, we can sort it.

Come and see us or book an appointment for one of our sales team to come out and see you. SprayMasters UK is a family run business that care, we care about giving you what you asked for and more! #Qualitymatters #Doingourbit

SprayMasters UK

upcycling household furniture – SprayMasters UK 2021 #Doingourbit #Doyournit – upcycling household furniture kitchen cabinet spraying

upcycling household furniture kitchen cabinet spraying 2021

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