FAQ Section Spray Painting – Questions by the public & Answers by “The SprayMasters” A series of Genuine customer questions & replies.

Q: “What makes professional kitchen cabinet spraying better than DIY methods?”

A: a question that highlights the superior benefits of choosing expert services like those offered by SprayMasters UK over attempting a do-it-yourself approach. Here are some key points that distinguish professional kitchen cabinet spraying:

Expertise and Experience: Professionals like SprayMasters UK possess a wealth of experience and expertise in spraying techniques. This expertise ensures a flawless finish, with attention to detail that DIY methods often lack.

Quality of Finish: Professional spraying results in a far superior finish compared to DIY. The smooth, even coat achieved by experts like SprayMasters is difficult to replicate with DIY methods.

Durability and Longevity: The coatings used by professionals are of a higher quality and more durable than typical DIY products. SprayMasters UK, for instance, uses specialist coatings that outlast ordinary paints, ensuring the finish remains pristine for years.

Consumer: All our life we are marketed, with everything we buy. Doing it DIY you will seek out what you deem the best down to what you read! You will fall for the marketing by the manufacturers that claim that they posses the best coating that does what no other does, it even makes your dinner & tucks you in at night.

Equipment and Technology: Professionals use advanced equipment and technology that are not typically available to DIY enthusiasts. This equipment allows for a more precise and efficient application.

Time and Convenience: A professional service saves homeowners time and hassle. Instead of spending hours or days doing it themselves, homeowners can enjoy a hassle-free experience with guaranteed results.

Customization and Versatility: Professional services offer a wider range of finishes and colours, allowing for greater customization to suit individual styles and preferences.

Preparation and Cleanup: Professionals handle all aspects of the job, including preparation and cleanup. This meticulous preparation ensures a better finish and spares homeowners the messy and time-consuming cleanup process.

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run: While DIY might seem cheaper upfront, the durability and quality of professional spraying can make it more cost-effective over time, as it reduces the need for frequent touch-ups or redoing the work.

Q: Could i Watch a YouTube video & be able to spray paint?

A: In a nutshell, YES! but then again, i could pilot your plane on your next holiday to spain but i couldn’t guarantee that we would get there.

Ultimately, yes you could, anyone could but don’t expect professional results.

Q: How would i mask off my kitchen if i wanted to do it my self?

A: Have you ever seen a programme called Dexter? He’s a serial killer that sets up what is called a “Kill Room” where he basically covers everything with plastic sheeting to protect it from blood splatter or in your case paint splatter (Overspray)

You would want to purchase plenty of Indasa blue rolls or Q1 protective rolls. Both brands are recommended by the spraymasters. If you do a quick Google search you will find a supplier near you.

Q: How much time should i allow my self to paint my kitchen?

A: I would say, approx 4 to 5 days if you are going to take it on your self. If you work full time then it would be 3 weekends to complete. Some sites will say that all your need is some “Chalk Paint” Again, it goes back to being marketed, we are marketed all our life’s, you need this, you need that! What you actually need is someone you know to say yep, that’s the one!

Are you going to paint it with a brush & roller? if you are then you will need a good set of different size paint brushes and some high quality mini foam roller sleeves, not to forget a great deal of patients.

Would you like a free method statement on how to do this? if you feel that you would benefit from a free method statement simply email in to a.wright@spraymastersuk.co.uk & ask for one.

Q: What paint is the best to use for DIY kitchen painting?

A: I would strongly recommend the Zinsser range, here is the link https://www.zinsseruk.com/

Now, all you need to buy is the zinsser bin primer & the allcoat interior product, again, be prepared to be marketed when you visit their website, just stick to what I’ve recommended to you.

If you would like any info or help simply email in.

Q: How do i avoid brush marks when painting?

A: The best advice i gave to this question was go on “YouTube” & watch a few videos on “How to lay off when painting with a brush”

Once you have watched a few videos then practice.

Q: Do you think i could hire a spray machine & do it my self?

A: When i was asked this question i responded with a question & that was “Can you Spray” He replied with no but it can’t be that hard!

I have been spraying for many years & it is not as easy as it looks. Anyone can do anything but its the level it which you can do it too.

We run many courses at SprayMasters ranging from a 3 day to a 5 day course. Paint Spraying courses are popular but be careful of the ones who haven’t been around long.

Q: Could i start a business after a 5 day spray painting course?

A: NO, the simply answer is no, what we say to all of our students is “We are showing you all you need to know” it is then upto you to go away and polish these new found skills. We strongly recommend that you ask family and friends if they would like some “Free” spraying doing, this will give you much needed to on the tools.

When you are doing your own work, you will hit problems, you will have struggles but these are all learning blocks which is in fact “Experience.

“You only get experience by Doing”

Q: How long have you been running spray painting courses?

A: Since 2017. Our first ONE day courses were aimed at people that could already spray, however we started getting people coming through that couldn’t and just told porky pies to get onto the course.

We changed our courses to 3 & 5 days. SprayMasters have trained over 500 people.

Q: How many people that you have trained are still in business?

A: This is a question that all people wanting to do our course ask & i always answer honestly and explain why.

The answer is less than 150 out of the 500 trained & do you know why? it’s because of “Marketing” people watch instagram, facebook & other social media platforms & think that they will become millionaires spraying windows & kitchens.

That’s not how it works unfortunately, to run a successful business you have to have “fire in your belly” you have to be highly motivated. “Money” should not be the sole focus”

A: Thank you for this insightful query. The practice of UPVC spraying began to gain notable traction around 2016. Interestingly, our team at SprayMasters UK had already begun experimenting with UPVC spraying techniques as early as 2015.

However, it was in 2016 that this method started to properly emerge in the industry.

This surge in popularity can be largely attributed to a company based in Birmingham. They executed an extensive marketing campaign, primarily focusing on decorator forums on the internet, especially on Facebook platforms.

Their strategy revolved around hosting one-day events, ostensibly presented as courses. In reality, these sessions were more akin to sales pitches, introducing their product as a groundbreaking scientific innovation—a coating with a unique ability to bond to plastic.

The company invited small groups to their headquarters in Birmingham to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product.

These events were carefully documented and shared across various forums, significantly boosting the product’s popularity.

Marketed as a 1K product (a single-pack solution requiring no mixing), it was touted for its ease of use, being a “straight from the tin” product, appealing to a vast number of decorators across the UK.

The product enjoyed a period of success in the market. However, over time, users began to recognize that the product’s performance did not fully align with the claims made by the company. This realization gradually altered the initial perceptions of the product’s efficacy.

Q: How many uPVC paints are available now?

A: Many is the answer, it goes back to that “Marketing bit” When someone see’s an opportunity to make money they will stick a label on it and say it does this and that!

Q: What Brand of uPVC Paint do you recommend?

A: For DIY use i would recommend the zinsser exterior allcoat brand. Although is states it is good for 15 years i would argue that as it hasn’t being around for 15 years.

Q: Can you Spray windows all year round?

A: NO, Our professional upvc spraying services run from March to October. If it’s too cold then it’s not going to work. You will have people say it can be done but they are mostly “Skint”

As a company we are straight talking and professional, we won’t jeopardise quality & longevity just to make money.

As a golden rule, if the weather is below 10c we advise against spraying upvc windows or doors.

Q: Can you spray upvc windows if it’s too hot?

A: Yes, if you place your hand on a upvc window or a door and can’t keep it there then it’s too hot to be sprayed. Another good way to check is look at the weather forecast (Dry humour)

Q: My friend had a company from Nottingham spray her windows & it started to come off after 6 months, how do you guarantee your work?

A: When ever we quote work we always invite the customer down to the workshop to view samples and colours. Our samples are over 7 years old now. Our longest standing job that has been exposed to years of frost, snow, ice, heat & emissions is 9 years old. Our oldest kitchen is 15 years old.

We advise that people carry out due diligence when looking to hire a company, look when they started, are they vat registered, have they got insurance, have they got premises, have they got more reviews than actual work.

“Fake reviews” are a thing now, with companies actually providing this as a service to propel a Google business listing. A Company that needs fake reviews is no good.

Q: Is uPVC Spraying bad for the environment?

A: Chemicals Used: If the coatings contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they can be harmful to the environment. However, many modern coatings are formulated to be low in VOCs, making them more environmentally friendly.

Application Process: Professional spraying techniques minimize waste and overspray, reducing environmental impact.

Durability: Professional uPVC coatings are long-lasting, decreasing the frequency of reapplications and thus the environmental footprint.

Recycling Aspect: Spraying uPVC extends the life of existing materials, which can be seen as a form of recycling and reduces waste.

Q: Why is your pricing nearly double than other companies?

It’s understandable to question the difference in pricing, and we appreciate the opportunity to explain the value that SprayMasters UK provides. The key to our pricing lies in the superior quality and longevity of our services and products.

Quality of Coatings: We use premium, specialist coatings that are not commonly available in the market. These high-quality coatings ensure durability and a superior finish, which lesser quality, cheaper alternatives cannot match.

Longevity and Durability: Our coatings are designed to last over 15 years, a significant contrast to lower-priced options that might require reapplication every 3 years. This longevity not only ensures that our work remains pristine for longer but also offers better value in the long run.

Marketing: Their tins may state 10 years but trust us when we say you’ll be lucky if they see 3. We have been around over 10 years and we have seen many companies come and go & we have had to put many of their jobs right.

Expert Application: Our team consists of highly trained professionals who possess the skills and knowledge to ensure a flawless application. This expertise contributes to the durability and quality of the finish.

Comprehensive Service: Our pricing reflects the comprehensive nature of our service – from preparation to aftercare. We provide a complete package that ensures customer satisfaction and longevity of the application.

Certainly! Here’s a list of important customer questions about kitchen cabinet spraying, along with answers that are both informative and SEO-friendly for attracting attention on Google:

Q: What are the benefits of kitchen cabinet spraying over replacement?

A: Spraying offers a cost-effective alternative to replacing cabinets. It revitalizes the look of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost and time involved in a full replacement. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option as it reduces waste.

Q: How long does kitchen cabinet spraying last?

A: With professional application and high-quality coatings like those used by SprayMasters UK, sprayed kitchen cabinets can last over 10 years, maintaining their finish and resilience against wear and tear.

Q: Is kitchen cabinet spraying safe and environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, when done professionally. Modern spraying techniques and materials, especially those used by SprayMasters UK, are designed to be low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safer for your home and the environment.

Q: Can you spray cabinets of any material?

A: Most cabinet materials can be sprayed, including wood, laminate, and MDF. The key is in the preparation and the type of coating used, which professionals like SprayMasters UK are skilled at handling.

Q: How do I prepare my kitchen for cabinet spraying?

A: Preparing for spraying involves clearing the countertops, removing cabinet contents, and ensuring the area is clean. Professionals will take care of the rest, including masking and protecting surrounding areas.

Q: How long does the spraying process take?

A: The time can vary depending on the size of the kitchen and the complexity of the job. Typically, it takes a few days to a week. SprayMasters UK can provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific project.

Q: Will kitchen cabinet spraying create a lot of mess and odor?

A: Professional sprayers use techniques that minimize mess and odor. At SprayMasters UK, we ensure a clean process with efficient ventilation to reduce any inconvenience.

Q: Can I choose any color for my kitchen cabinets?

A: Yes, there’s a wide range of colors available. Professionals can provide a color match service to ensure you get the exact shade you desire.

Q: How do I maintain my sprayed kitchen cabinets?

A: Maintenance is simple. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent is usually sufficient to keep your cabinets looking new.

FAQ Section Spray Painting Continued

Q: I see lots of other websites using your images, why is that?

A: It’s a testament to the high quality and appealing aesthetics of our work at SprayMasters UK that our images are often used by others.

Being in the industry for a considerable period, our brand has established a reputation for excellence and innovation in kitchen cabinet spraying. This prominence often leads to our images being replicated or used as a benchmark by others in the industry.

While imitation is a form of flattery, it also highlights the need for vigilance in protecting our intellectual property. We take pride in our original work and continuously strive to innovate and set high standards in the field.

It’s always best for customers to visit our official website or contact us directly for authentic and reliable information about our services.

Q: How do i buy in confidence when hiring a Spray company, what should i look for?

A: When considering hiring a spray company, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure you’re making a confident and informed decision. Here’s a checklist to guide you through the process:

Insurance: Verify that the company has comprehensive liability insurance to protect against any accidental damage during the project.

Certifications and Compliance: Check for relevant certifications, such as PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) for their equipment, which ensures safety and compliance with electrical standards.

Health and Safety Record: Inquire about their health and safety policies and records. A company committed to safe practices is a sign of professionalism and reliability.

Legal History: While it’s important to respect privacy, it’s reasonable to consider the company’s legal history, particularly related to their business operations. This can include checking for any past court cases related to their professional services.

Social Media and Online Presence: Review the company’s social media and online presence. This includes looking at reviews, customer testimonials, and their general engagement with clients and the community.

Background Checks: Conducting a background check on a company, especially in terms of its legal and professional standing, is a standard part of due diligence. However, personal checks like prison records or specific details about the company owner’s personal life might infringe on privacy and are generally not standard practice in business vetting.

Company History and Longevity: Research how long the company has been in business. A company that has been operating for several years or more is likely to have established a track record and gained experience and expertise.

Portfolio and Past Projects: Look at their portfolio or examples of past work. This can give you an idea of their skill level and the quality of work they provide.

References and Testimonials: Ask for references or read testimonials from previous clients to gauge their satisfaction with the company’s services.

Transparent Quotations and Contracts: Ensure the company provides clear, detailed quotations and contracts, outlining the scope of work, pricing, and any guarantees or warranties.

By following this checklist, you can have greater confidence in your choice of a spray company, ensuring that they meet the standards of professionalism, safety, and quality that you expect for your project.

Q: How long has spraymasters been in business

A: SprayMasters UK has been delivering exceptional spray painting services for over a decade. Established in 2013, our journey began the same day as Isaac, the son of our Managing Director, was born.

This milestone marks our commitment not only to excellence in our craft but also to the growth and evolution of our family-run business.

Over the years, we’ve honed our skills, developed innovative techniques, and trained some of the finest professionals in the industry.

Our experience and dedication are reflected in the quality and longevity of our work, making us a trusted name in the field of professional spraying services.

Q: How far do you travel?

A: We travel 35 miles for residential projects and we operate nationwide for commercial spraying projects.

Q: Where abouts is SprayMasters UK based?

A: Nestled in the heart of Alfreton, Derbyshire, SprayMasters UK is ideally positioned to serve not only the local communities of Derbyshire but also extends its expert services to the surrounding areas.

Our strategic location in Alfreton, a key town within Derbyshire, enhances our accessibility to clients across the region, including nearby cities like Derby, Nottingham, and Sheffield.

This central positioning in the East Midlands ensures that whether you are in Chesterfield, Mansfield, or even further afield, you have access to our unparalleled kitchen cabinet spraying, uPVC window treatments, and bespoke high-end spraying services.

At SprayMasters UK, we combine local expertise with a wide-reaching service area, making us your premier choice for professional spraying solutions in Derbyshire and beyond.

Our commitment to excellence is rooted in our Derbyshire heritage, offering a blend of local understanding and world-class service quality.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: At SprayMasters UK, located in Alfreton, Derbyshire, we specialize in a range of bespoke, high-end spraying services that cater to a diverse clientele across the East Midlands, including areas like Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, and beyond. Our expertise is broadly categorized into the following services:

Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting: Renowned for our kitchen cabinet transformations, we offer a cost-effective and stylish alternative to full replacements. Our expertly applied, durable coatings revitalize kitchens, seamlessly fitting with the aesthetic of homes in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and surrounding counties.

uPVC Window and Door Spraying: Our expertise extends to rejuvenating uPVC windows and doors, enhancing the curb appeal and value of properties across the East Midlands. This service is ideal for homeowners in Alfreton, Derby, and beyond, looking to upgrade their home exteriors without the cost of full replacements.

Bespoke Spraying Services: Catering to specific needs, we provide custom spraying solutions for a variety of surfaces and objects. Whether it’s for residential projects in Chesterfield or commercial endeavors in Mansfield, our tailored approach ensures exceptional results.

Professional Training Courses: As industry leaders, we offer training courses on “How to Spray Kitchen Cabinets” and “How to Spray uPVC Windows.” These courses draw attendees from across the UK, underlining our reputation and expertise in professional spraying techniques.

Long-lasting, Eco-friendly Coatings: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our use of eco-friendly, long-lasting coatings, ensuring that our services are not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

By focusing on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, SprayMasters UK stands as a beacon of excellence in professional spraying services. Our Alfreton-based operations provide a strategic advantage, making us easily accessible to clients across Derbyshire and the wider East Midlands region. Whether you’re in Nottingham looking to refresh your kitchen cabinets or in Sheffield considering uPVC window treatments, SprayMasters UK is your go-to expert for top-tier spraying services.

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