Narrow Boat Spray Painting By SprayMasters UK “We Spray Everything”

Here at SprayMasters UK there are no limitations on what we can spray, we are the masters of coatings & application. Quality Work is guaranteed.

Our reputation has been built on the quality of our finishing.

The narrow boat is a traditional style flat-bottomed boat, of distinctive design. A narrow boat is made to the fit the narrow waterways and canals and has a standard width of 6 feet 10 inches wide.

The Spray Painting of a narrow boat doesn’t have to be “Plain Jayne” you can opt for a slick, stylish & luxury look.

Traditional is fine but there is more…..

Think of a stunning metallic Mercedes  or a BMW z4 in frozen orange metallic.

Any High end finish that can be applied to a car can be replicated onto a boat no problem, High gloss, Matt finish, Metallic & Glitter effect we can make it happen.

Glass can be tinted, Brass can be sprayed, metal can be sprayed, all of it!

“SprayMasters UK” We have sprayed everything & anything since 2013, we have travelled the lengths of the UK with onsite spraying, we have been invited to America & Dubai to spray luxury items but have chosen to remain in the UK as the numbers just wasn’t right.

Our Headquarters are in Alfreton, Derbyshire where we have our factory unit, Large spray booth & Spray room for larger items.

Our finishing is superior and second to none, a Rolls Royce takes 6 months to build and a Toyota 13 hours.

There is other spraying companies out there but they are NO “SprayMasters” 

Contact us & let’s get the ball rolling, we can help.


Narrow Boat Spray Painting by SprayMasters UK

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