Good, Cheap, Fast, Quality! You can only pick two!

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upvc paint spraying cost fresh for you

Good, Cheap, Fast, Quality! You can only pick two!

uPVC Window Paint Spraying Cost fresh for you, brought to you By SprayMasters UK The rise of uPVC window spraying…

uPVC Window Paint Spraying Cost fresh for you, brought to you By SprayMasters UK

The rise of uPVC window spraying has been phenomenal & it transforms a dull home into a beautiful one, but for how long. How long do You think it’ll last? How long have you been told it’ll last?

90% of websites say “10 Year Guarantee” But is it it really though, is that the big selling point? the fact that your being fed a 10 year yarn (Ours will last 10 years). This paint job will reach 10 years or more, I’d argue that statement, Lets dive in and take a look at a few our our concerns.

Preparation of the Plastic – Outfits that are doing big jobs in one day can not be preparing the plastic properly, the uPVC needs thorough deep cleaning with chemical agents in order to accept the coating. That’s were you have to do major part of the work, the “Prep”

  • Cleaning the plastic with a chemical agent
  • Scotching the plastic “Scuffing up”
  • Cleaning the plastic with another agent this time but different to the first product

There You have Three stages that must be done thoroughly in order for the coating to take properly, if it’s not cleaned 100% then the coating will delaminate over time (Usually within One year)

The Coating – In 2021 we have seen a Huge amount of failing windows! We offer a consultancy service & we have had numerous calls and emails from people all over the UK asking us for much needed advice, questions like

  • Why’s My windows sticking shut
  • Why is my Panel on my door expanded
  • Should the paint be fading after 12 months
  • Is my windows going to last because it’s chipping off to easy

The perfect paint job is hard to find! With new services comes popularity and with that comes people wanting to do what we do! But, they can’t.

Plastic goes through what’s called the seasons! Spring, summer, autumn and winter, what happens is the plastic will expand and contract many times & if that coating is cheap it simply won’t do what the good the good stuff can!

You’ve heard the saying “Pay Cheap Pay Twice” Right! Well in some cases in 2021 the windows have been wrecked that badly by people saying they are specialists the homeowner has had to buy new windows.

How do you know if you are hiring someone good & the work will last?

Price – Price is a big indication that you are either getting a fly by night cheap guy or you are getting something of quality that is going to last. If a company such as our says £265 for a composite door respray & then you have a guy saying he can do it for £80 & we both promise a 10 year guarantee, who are you going to pick?

Will the £80 man come back because of colour fade because of the cheap product he used? Nope…

We don’t use cheap we use Quality.

uPVC Window Paint Spraying Cost Fresh for You- Continuing on

Why have you searched on Google for uPVC paint Spraying? Is it because those dam grey windows to buy are so expensive? well they are! Is it because you know that having them sprayed will be cheaper than buying new! Again your right…..but

What if they get sprayed rubbish by someone who is just out to make a quick bob or two and uses any old garbage, well I’ll tell you what happens, you will end up paying twice of paying for brand new ones.

The cost of uPVC Spraying – Typically the cost for window spraying varies from size, age & location on the property. Say a 1200 x 900 window in white going to anthracite grey on the ground floor would be £265 & the same window on the 1st floor would be £365 “So why is it more for the same window upstairs” Answer, Access equipment!

Those prices are the kind that you should look for when gathering quotes in for your painting project! They will be a strong indication of A: Quality B: Longevity. Have you ever tried to get someone who did a cheap job back for snags or repair work! They wont come back because it’s not made them any profits.

This is a good case study: Summer 2021 we priced a job up in Nottingham for £1975 it was 5 windows and a door and side panel, all windows various sizes and in good condition, he told us he had been quoted £600 & that we was too expensive. That very same customer rang us back after 4 months to ask for our help as it was all failing. We will put this right in 2022 for him but now at the cost of £2750 as we have to put bad workmanship right!

I never buy cheap my self, from the food i eat down to the airlines that i use to take my family on Holiday! Cheap has always left a sour taste in my mouth and i will never go down the cheap route again. You have £35 spray guns & £995 spray guns! they don’t do the same job & they don’t produce the same finish, the more expensive gun produces the higher end quality finish.

uPVC window Paint Spraying Cost Fresh for you 2021

uPVC Window Paint Spraying Cost Fresh for You 2021

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