uPVC Window Spraying Borrowash, Derby

So, what’s lead you to want grey windows? is it because Silvia at No27 has had hers done?

Why are You looking to have your windows spray painted? What research have you done? Well, luckily for you, your on the right website!

We hope to give you some much needed information with some light hearted dry humour, we hope you enjoy it.

Let’s go through it, from the top! Firstly, it is not a paint, it is a “Specialist Coating” What, what, what!

A coating designed to be able to go through the “Seasons” not footy seasons but Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter! Our coating will be able to cope with the seasons time and time again but the same can’t be said with many of there other products out there. Our coating is much like our beloved Liverpool FC “Champions”

Now, we are not here to talk about other products as we don’t like to get into “bad mouthing” a product or a company we will only tell you about our product and what it does.

Our product has been designed for the direct adhesion to PVC, GRP & even alloy wheels “That’s how strong it is. Other products may state the same but they simply sit on top. *A little bit like Man utd, there for few weeks then they fall off because Ollies at the wheel*

Many other companies have used such products & it’s great for firms such as us that get to put the work right but not so for you the homeowner having to pay twice! uPVC Spraying is still relatively new to the public & when you have these people telling you it does this & that you buy into it.

The two coatings that should be used are polyurethane (PU) which is a hard-wearing, highly-resistant coating & the other should be Acrylic Enamel Coating both products are highly flexible, superior in toughness & will outlast any other product.

uPVC Stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride & what many don’t realise is that if you have your windows sprayed you actually void any guarantee with the window company so you may want to check. Many of our customers are not bothered about that they have done their research and are happy for us to proceed.

The coatings are both designed to add additional protection to the uPVC (PU coating is basically liquid plastic going onto plastic) they will actually extend the current life span of your existing windows. It’s important to use one of the two proper products because of warping and sun bleaching with lesser quality brands.

Terms and Conditions are important to have as well as it lets you the customer full aware of “Weather” & also what rights you have as a customer. Please see the link below for our full T’s & C’s

uPVC Window Spraying – Examples of Good and Bad!

SprayMasters UK have seen many companies pop up & then after 24 months they have gone again! Do you know why?

The reason why the drop off the radar is the problems they get, they did cheap work with a cheap product that after ONE full year of “Seasons” starts to fail & the can’t handle the amount of call backs they get. Which leads us on to the 10 year guarantee.

The Unique Selling Point! Wow it says 10 years Terry! (Apologies in advance anyone called Terry) It must be a genuine thing! Yes our coating is but many that just use and abuse that selling power to get the job! Ask to see their “Guarantee” they have NOT got one. “Some would struggle to spell the word” ( The word, spelt W, O… lol)

What would you like to know? What about UV, what happens in extreme heat? Well, both the products we use are highly UV resistant, we did a video on Instagram this year 2021 where we filmed a white window at 2pm at 34c and a sprayed window in anthracite at 34c now the white window should be low and the dark should be high right? Wrong!

When we put the thermometer onto the white frame we had a reading of 42c (The Met office was stating 34c at 2pm) Now the really interesting thing was that the dark window that had been sprayed that morning was reading 37c lower than the white window. That’s the power of a good quality UV resistant brand!

If you would like to contact us directly to ask any questions then feel free, we often have a Q&A section on our Instagram stories. @SprayMastersUK

Further apologies in Advance for the footy references, we hope Utd keep Ollie at the wheel for many more years to come! 5-0 Cough Cough * Ash the MD is a Liverpool Fan & his Dad Mike the Director is a Man Utd Fan*

SprayMasters UK are Located in Alfreton, Derbyshire. Our Post Code is DE55 7RG & we are open to the public on Saturday mornings, you can only gain entrance with 2 medium costa lattes & a sausage cob for the dog! Just kidding, the dogs doesn’t need a sausage.

Thanks for reading our Blog, have a great day.

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