Kitchen Cabinet Painting Before and after – Kitchen painting ideas

Every home has a kitchen.

Kitchens are a place where many people practice one of their most favoured hobbies, are most likely to see their loved ones and where they entertain their friends,
therefore, the kitchen is unquestionably best described as the heart of the modern home.

The entire Family uses the Kitchen, it’s a place of fun, you can have great bonding experiences through baking cakes with the kids.

A Space for Fun!

The Kitchen is a place of social gatherings, entertaining friends and family, enjoying good food & conversation.

Who uses the kitchen the most in the family? Is it Dad? Is it Mum?

Everyone in the family has their own favourite room of the house, for Dad it maybe the lounge with the big TV, the kids it maybe thier bedrooms, for mum it maybe the kitchen.

If that kitchen is getting on mums nerves then I bet she won’t enjoy being in there for long.

Why does the kitchen get on mums nerves?

Did you know that certain colours can impact mental wellbeing.

Did you know the average visit to the kitchen by a single person is 49 times a day!

That’s potentially 49 times mum’s in the kitchen having to look at those horrid old worn doors “Mums not happy”

So how does the hubby turn his wife’s frown upside down?

He calls SprayMasters UK and arranges a home visit to discuss a kitchen makeover.

A kitchen makeover is the cost effective alternative to a new one.

In 2020 people many more people are opting for this over buying new.

A Sprayed Kitchen Won’t Break the Bank

New Kitchens can be very expensive, a makeover will not break the bank. Professional kitchen cabinet spraying is the way forward for homeowners, it allows you to transform the kitchen without the hefty expense of a replacement.

To give you a visual aid we have some of the kitchen cabinet painting before and after images below, here you will see the how much it changes an old & dated kitchen into a beautiful modern kitchen.

All Kitchen coatings are guaranteed for a maximum of 5 years, they are tough, durable and will last a long time.

Our 1st kitchen was sprayed in 2013 in Chesterfield & it’s still going strong to this day.

Quality Lasts

The heart of the home is without a doubt the Kitchen, let’s keep the wife happy, let’s get your kitchen transformed.

For inspiration you can visit us in Alfreton, we have kitchen samples you can look at that feature the latest trendy colours.

Kitchen cabinet painting before and after


Kitchen Cabinet painting ideas

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