Reality Check, Great News, You seriously Can do this!

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White uPVC windows sprayed black

Reality Check, Great News, You seriously Can do this!

Can you really Paint uPVC Windows? Now, We are not going to promote our selves in this blog post or…

Can you really Paint uPVC Windows? Now, We are not going to promote our selves in this blog post or sway you towards calling us for a quote. We are simply going to give you the answers to your questions.

The big question that we see all over the internet since 2015 is “Can you paint uPVC Windows” the answer is Yes, but we like to call it “Spraying”

Never, ever paint uPVC windows with Chalk Paint! Forget these drips on YouTube that are paid to demonstrate chalk paint being applied to uPVC or Composite doors, it does NOT last.

You can have your windows professionally sprayed yes, we would never recommend anyone using a paint brush.

How long does it take to spray them

You have most certainly heard the expression in the past “It’s all in the preparation” well that’s 80% of the work involved. The preparation has to be meticulous on plastic as it’s one of the most difficult surfaces to get anything to adhere to.

A 3 bedroom semi detached home typically takes around 3 to 4 days to complete (For us)

Coating uPVC is more than just adding colour, you are adding layers of protection that will prolong the life of your existing windows & doors.

How long will it last

If the preparation has been done thoroughly & the coating which has been used is of high quality then you can expect it to last 10years plus

Like any “Paint Job” it will require maintenance in the way of being cleaned with with the appropriate agent. You clean your car right? You don’t have it washed with Jiff do you! Car Shampoo is what you would use on a car so a uPVC window Coating has it’s very own cleaner.

Will the Sun fade the colour

Being 100% completely honest “as a company” YES we have seen some UV fading after around 6 to 7 years on certain colours. Reds, Purples & Browns we have seen fade, not to significant but you can definitely see where they have dipped. *Don’t use T cut to try & restore them* it doe’s not work

As a company we only guarantee 5 years on UV fail anyway & 10 on adhesion.

How Much doe’s uPVC Window Painting Cost

The cost varies from colour, sheen level & where the property is located. South facing properties will need greater UV resistance than north facing. High traffic door entrances may require a “Bang Protection Coating” we often do this over door sills where foot traffic is high.

To Recap!

Can you really paint uPVC Windows

Yes, but hire a professional with a solid record of “quality work” people buy from people so anyone who has had theirs done & it’s older than 3 years will be a good firm.

SprayMasters UK have been spraying uPVC windows & doors since 2015 & in that time we have only ever had TWO problems. Both of the problems were down to the homeowners timings of other trades.

Always read the information you are presented with a quotation document. We always try to be as professional as possible with the information that we provide & what we say.

Onsite spraying is a HIGH risk procedure & one that should be carried out with skill & expertise. Never look at a weather app & think that 30% chance of rain means 30% chance of rain for Your area! use the Met office app for your area.

If we can offer any advice then please contact us.

can you really paint uPVC windows
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