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Spraying uPVC Windows & Doors Nationwide Since 2013

In an era where aesthetic charm is often weighed in gold, the trend of uPVC spraying serves as a much-needed boon for homeowners. This transformational technique, if executed correctly, doesn’t merely alter colour—it enhances the value and curb appeal of the home itself.

An In-Depth Look into the SprayMasters’ uPVC Spraying Process

Initial Inspection & Customized Quotes

Before any work is carried out, our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of the condition of your uPVC windows and doors. A customized quote, tailored to meet your specific needs, is then provided.

Thorough Surface Preparation

A smooth and well-prepared surface is the canvas upon which art is created. All fixtures are meticulously sanded and cleaned to ensure the specialized coating adheres perfectly.

Protective Measures

The surrounding areas are safeguarded with high-quality protective materials. This is to ensure that the specialized coating only goes where it is supposed to go, eliminating any chance of errors.

Multi-layered Application

Our signature multi-layered application technique ensures a robust, durable finish. Each layer is carefully applied and allowed ample time to dry, ensuring the integrity of the finish.

Quality Assurance & Customer Review

Our job isn’t complete until a stringent quality assurance test is conducted, and customer satisfaction is assured. This is an integral part of our core values.

The SprayMasters Edge: Setting the Gold Standard in uPVC Spraying

Industry Leaders

With years of experience, we have set an industry standard that many aspire to reach but few can truly match.

Trained the Best

Not only have we mastered the art of uPVC spraying, but we have also shared our knowledge, training some of the best uPVC spraying companies in the UK.


One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from our esteemed clientele. Julia Quarmby-Norden, an independent trainer from Northampton, had nothing but praise for the transformation carried out by SprayMasters UK.

Anthracite Grey: The Hue of Sophistication

The choice of Anthracite Grey is a testament to modern aesthetics. When applied with the craftsmanship of SprayMasters, it breathes new life into any home, just as it did for Julia’s bungalow in Northampton.

uPVC Spraying Waiting List

With such high demand for the best uPVC spraying services, we maintain a waiting list for prospective clients. This ensures that each project receives the undivided attention and care it rightfully deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can uPVC spraying be considered a long-term solution?
Absolutely. Our specialized coating ensures longevity, evident from our first kitchen project in Spondon Derby that is still going strong after a decade.

How different are SprayMasters’ coatings from regular paint?
The difference is like night and day. Our coatings are specially formulated for durability and aesthetic brilliance, aspects you won’t find in standard paints.

What areas do you cover?
Although we’re based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, we offer our specialized services nationwide. Our recent project in Northampton is a prime example of our far-reaching capabilities.

Revamp your home aesthetics with SprayMasters UK, where each spray is a stroke of genius. For your uPVC spraying needs in Northampton and elsewhere, don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Contact SprayMasters UK—because excellence is not just an act, but a habit.

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