uPVC Spraying in Leicestershire.

Revitalize Your Home with UPVC Spraying in Leicestershire

Ready for a Home Makeover?

Say goodbye to the old look of your UPVC windows and doors! In Leicestershire, our expert UPVC spraying service is your ticket to a stunning, modern update. Why replace when you can transform? Reach out now and let’s schedule your transformation!

UPVC Spraying Simplified

Curious about UPVC spraying? Here’s a quick, easy guide to get you started:

What Exactly is UPVC Spraying?
It’s a smart way to rejuvenate your UPVC windows and doors. We apply a specialized paint that bonds perfectly, ensuring a sleek, new look.

How Quick is the Process?

Fast and efficient! Expect a fresh look in just 1-2 days, depending on your project’s size.

Worried About Peeling or Fading?
Don’t be! Our paint is engineered to cling to UPVC and withstand the elements.

Dreaming of the Perfect Color?
Dream big! We offer a vast color palette to match your unique style.

Thinking of Replacements? Think Again!
UPVC spraying is the wallet-friendly alternative to costly replacements, giving your space a fresh vibe.

Will Spraying Affect Functionality?
Absolutely not! Our technique enhances your windows and doors, maintaining their functionality while boosting their aesthetic appeal.

UPVC Spraying in Leicestershire: Your Doors and Windows Reimagined

Revamp your space with our expert UPVC spraying services in Leicestershire. Say hello to a home that shines like new. Let’s get started – your home makeover awaits!

SprayMasters UK: Your Local UPVC Spraying Experts in Alfreton

Strategically Located for Accessibility

Situated in Alfreton, Derbyshire, and conveniently close to Junction 28 of the M1 and the A38, SprayMasters UK is your go-to destination for top-tier UPVC spraying services. Our strategic location makes us easily accessible to a wide range of clients, whether you’re traveling from nearby cities or the surrounding Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas.

Alfreton’s Finest in UPVC Spraying

As a family-run business rooted in Alfreton, SprayMasters UK brings a touch of local expertise and pride to every project. Our location not only allows us to serve our immediate community but also extends our reach to neighboring regions, ensuring that exceptional UPVC spraying services are just a short drive away.

A Hub for High-Quality UPVC Spraying Near M1

Our proximity to major transport links like the M1 and A38 means that reaching us from across Derbyshire and beyond is hassle-free. Whether you’re seeking to revitalize your home or business, our Alfreton base is perfectly positioned to offer convenient, efficient, and professional UPVC spraying services.

Visit Us in Alfreton, Just Off the M1

Experience the difference with SprayMasters UK. Located in the heart of Alfreton, just off Junction 28 of the M1, we are your local experts in transforming UPVC windows and doors. Drive down to us for a consultation and discover how we can elevate the look of your property with our unparalleled UPVC spraying expertise.

Cost of uPVC Spraying

uPVC Spraying typically costs anything from £80 up to £600 per window, obviously size, access equipment, current condition all play apart in the price.

With SprayMasters UK We offer two types of guarantees, one at 10 years & one at 15 years, the 2nd option being an even more premium product for upvc. Both products use by our company are Italian.


Our customers are delighted with the finishes we produce, we have been spraying upvc windows and doors successfully since 2015.

Get a Quote

Call us direct on 01773 848247 or you can WhatsApp us on 07740772992. We don’t price off pictures. Our company carries out professional surveys.


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