uPVC Spraying Can be Amazing and it Can also be Dreadful!

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how long does upvc paint last

uPVC Spraying Can be Amazing and it Can also be Dreadful!

The most Common questions asked are, how long does uPVC Paint Last, How expensive is it? Well, I’ll dive in…

The most Common questions asked are, how long does uPVC Paint Last, How expensive is it?

Well, I’ll dive in and explain some key points about “uPVC Spraying”

Firstly, Yes, you can have your uPVC windows and doors sprayed! should you? Well then, here’s the thing, if you get it done, it must be done properly using the correct product & in the correct season!

“YES, i said season” The service is very much a seasonal thing, typically March to Late October but at a push the first week of November.

Why is it seasonal? Well, it’s all to do with the temperature’s & moisture in the air! Too cold and it won’t work, too much moisture in the air & it’ll destroy the coating

Another thing is the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn & winter! uPVC Will expand and contract at least 6 to 8 times in a year & if the coatings that has been applied doesn’t move with the plastic can cause all kinds of issues.

Spraying uPVC is very popular right now & many “NEW” companies pop up and disappear again and here’s why!

When a new company pops up it’s a novelty service “We are going to be RICH” White gold, white gold, we will spray it……..

So you end up with lots of new firms popping up, uneducated, un skilled & they spray lots of houses in their first 12 months with out a hiccup but in the second year and we start to go through the seasons, spring, summer, autumn & winter & the actual uPVC will pull and twist the coating & the coating wont cope & it starts to come off!

Now these companies can’t cope with all the snags that they are getting & they don’t want to sort them out either because they’ve had your money & they aren’t bothered either!

Then they disappear!

Gone with the Wind! & so is the coating they used! Now we are not one for slating other companies because those guys that disappear are filling up our order book! we are the ones that will go out and fix it! It’s the poor home owner that has to pay twice because of the cowboys that sprayed it the first time round.

Great looking website, Great salesman with charisma, 99 Great reviews on Facebook & it’s all CRAP, fraudulent, imposters.

How would we know if they are Genuine? Ideally you want a company that has been doing it at least 5 Years. When you find a company and they’ve done some uPVC Spraying works five years ago and it’s still looking fantastic to this day then you are onto a winner! Our first was in 2015 & it still looks great.

How long does uPVC Paint last?

Firstly it isn’t a paint it is a specialist coating designed by the GODS, well, Italians. A true uPVC Coating will last at least 12 to 13 years but these are expensive. People doing full houses for a £1000 or less then don’t expect it to last more than 2 years because that product will be crap! Think Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

uPVC In heat will “FLEX” Expand, uPVC in Cold will “Contract” so it will do this over and over throughout the year!

What happens in winter! Think ICE, SNOW & Frost! If that coating that’s been applied to your window frames by that company who promised you a 10 year guarantee, starts to delaminate in the spring then you know it’s crap!

A uPVC Coating is expensive, it must have UV stabilizers in it, it must be highly flexible and be able to move with the seasons.

Is uPVC a worth while investment?
Yes, when it's done correctly with the right product yes. If the coating has evidence of going through the seasons for a minimum of 5 years then yes. If it has only been 1 year and there is already signs that it is coming away then it wont last much longer. 

How much should it cost? It all depends on the size of the windows, are they south facing because if the are we would need to factor in additional UV additive. A 1200 x 900 window that isn’t south facing being sprayed to RAL 7016 would cost £208 & that’s a price tag with a genuine uPVC coating, a genuine 10 year guarantee done by a genuine company that has a long history of providing an excellent service!

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Blog Written By Ashley Wright, Managing director @ SprayMasters UK 19:36pm 8/9/2021

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