Home improvementSpraying uPVC Windows is the modern home improvement. The SprayMasters have traveled the length of the UK spraying properties in 2018 & we expect to be extremely busy in 2019.

uPVC Paint Spraying Cost

The Cost to spray Your uPVC windows, doors & conservatories works out to be less than half the cost of “New”. Spraying is a Niche service, the coating to be sprayed onto plastic has to be done precisely per coat, it’s a specialist service. Although it is a “paint” it isn’t painting, this is professional spray coatings application. If you choice to have your windows and doors sprayed by a very cheap price, one that sounds to good to be true and it often is and you’ll end up paying twice. uPVC Paint Spraying Cost vs The Cost of Replacement windows and doors who wins? uPVC paint Spraying “Everytime

How Long Does it last

The coating we use will last you 10 years, many companies are stating that there product will last 10 years but in fact if you ask for the guarantee from the “manufacturer” it falls apart after 5 sentences. Many will also carry an approved applicator status indicating a level of training when in reality they merely purchase the “paint” from them. A True trained professional spraying company will come with insurance backed guarantees and apply a 2 pack product. 2 pack and 1 pack products are like the “Hulk” being the 2pack vs the “milky bar kid” being the 1 pack, a 2pack product will see out 10 years “easy”.

Is uPVC Paint Spraying the Future of Home Improvement

The answer is YES, uPVC Paint Spraying is the ultimate “cost-effective” Home Improvement & hears why. New Coloured windows cost a fortune & some home owners even get finance on them paying even more, there is none of that with the uPVC Spraying. With the cost being less than half and you get the same effect why would you splash out or even get finance on “new” ones.  If you want those anthracite grey windows then you can have them with no mega cost, no waiting for fitting, no building works & if you get bored of the colour you can change it again.

How do you do it

Well to spray paint uPVC windows and Doors onsite isn’t easy, it’s a huge amount of masking and preparation to people passing by it looks like a scene out of CSI. Each window opener has to be removed, those companies that are not removing them simply don’t know how to or fit them back. uPVC panel doors (panels must be removed) uPVC will expand and contract with the weather, you will get white lines around your uPVC panel door if its not done correctly. GRP Composite doors we often remove, spray & refit.

What Makes us so Good at Spraying uPVC Windows & Doors

We have been spraying uPVC  for many years, we have used many different products along the way until we found the product that does what it says it’s a premium priced coating but its one that is superior to all others. Our unit is at Langley Mill, near Ikea, on the way into work I personally pass 6 homes that we have sprayed, the eldest being 2015 & although that product is not the one we use now it still looks great, the latest one in Ripley has people turning heads as its on a busy main road. In the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire area we are passed a lot of work via customers that have had their homes done, “a happy customer is your best salesman”.

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Coloured uPVC Windows

uPVC Paint Spraying cost

 Look at these images from 2018, these properties look absolutely amazing.

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uPVC Spraying Sheffield

uPVC Windows and Doors Sprayed

YouTube – Spraying



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