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Now This is Great, Epic New Look, Fantastic Anthracite

Breaking News – Headlines are in, Anthracite, Has it Fallen off it’s Perch. Since mid 2015 Anthracite grey has become…

Breaking News – Headlines are in, Anthracite, Has it Fallen off it’s Perch.

Since mid 2015 Anthracite grey has become a desirable colour & here is why.

Anthracite Grey really comes alive in natural sunlight when it gives off subtle undertones of blue and green.

Fast becoming the most popular colour for the style conscious homeowner.

Anthracite Grey has more interesting undertones than a typical pure grey with flashes of blues, greens depending how the light hits it.

It’s on new upvc windows & doors, Aluminum windows etc. but it doesn’t stop at the exterior of a home now there is anthracite radiators, cookers & fridges.

The UK has gone “Grey Crazy” literally 50 shades of grey, sure it adds style & character to the home or office but will the dark greys die off?

We have coated well over 250 homes since November 2015 when we first started spraying uPVC windows and doors & 80% of them have been Anthracite Grey!

My Question is, it’s fashionable now but will it be as popular in a couple more years? Will it become “Marmite”

What’s the appeal? Is it on Your wish list?

In the beginning everyone loved RAL 7016 “Anthracite” but now the tides are turning now people are starting to realize that there are many many colours to choose from, so many greys, so many blues.

As colour consultants we advise our customers to consider what suits the house best, what would suit the brick/stone work, what colours go best with each other.

You also need to thing about what you are trying to achieve with your colour them, greens for example give of a cottage country feel.

Anthracite gives off a corporate/stylish appeal. RAL 7016 doesn’t really suit RED brick or stone.

The best colours for RED brick of soft greys such as MOUSE Grey RAL 7005 or Signal Grey RAL 7044, for stone block work RAL 7038 Agate Grey goes really well.

Since January 2020 we have had an increase for FARROW AND BALL colours on windows and doors & we can match them as we have our own coating system in house so it’s not a problem.

When people ask for RAL 7016 on a website inquiry we ask for images & once we have these we advise on colours as RAL 7016 isn’t for every style home.

So Many Colour ranges to choose from, you RAL, NCS, BS, Farrow and Ball, Little green it really is endless, picking colours online isn’t the same as seeing a colour in real life it appears different online, your best off seeing samples.

We had two customers in 2019 who had picked colours off the internet and had us do the kitchens & then didn’t like the colour so we re did them ” We got paid twice of course”

It’s Important to See Samples, It’s your home, Your castle!

Is uPVC Spraying a Trade? In Short Yes! It’s Onsite Spraying, Professional Spraying is a trade, uPVC Spraying is a service & a high level of skill and precise execution & timing is required.

The Skill needed to perform any kind of spraying requires finesse, an acute eye, almost sniper like, excellent eye and hand coordination.

uPVC (It’s Not Paint it’s a Specialist Coating) Spraying has gradually become popular over the last four years, still not a well known service like plastering or plumbing but it’s getting there.

As with anything it takes years to become a true skillful tradesmen, polishing your craft everyday so that you are a cut above.

SprayMasters UK have been delivering excellent results on UPVC Windows, Doors & Conservatories Since November 2015.


Social Media platforms are great to see property decor ideas, new windows and doors, recipe’s & lots of other great & interesting things, but it’s also a breading ground for garbage.

#Filters, The most garbage piece of work can look fantastic with a few Instagram filters, what appears on your Insta or facebook feed isn’t real!

Your best asking to see some genuine work or coming to a showroom like “ours”.

Examples Of Our Work

Zero Filters have been used in the making of these images, these are “O Naturel”! Pure Colour applied by Skillful Tradesmen “SprayMasters UK”

In all Five of the above images can you guess what colour has been applied? If you guessed Anthracite grey then you are 100% correct.

You can decide for you self what suits what, the brick work etc.

Common Questions we get are: How Long does the Paint, Sorry Specialist Coating Last? You can expect it to go past 10 years.

When it has been done correctly using the real, true products applied by actual professional sprayers you can safely say 10+ years.

We are sadly seeing more and more inquiries coming through telling us they had it done in 2018 and now’s it’s all coming off so they are basically paying twice as we are re doing it.

Many of the guys out there doing this as a job don’t understand the science behind upvc spraying & most definitely the chemistry of the coatings they are using.

Perfecting a craft takes years as does a product, the main product we use was developed over 3 years.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds went into the making of this product, we have never had an issue with it, Quality Lasts.

You Can See some of our work via our YouTube Channel “SprayMasters UK or On Our Instagram Account, We are also on Facebook.


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