Caravan Refurbishment – The leading caravan makeover team “SprayMasters UK”

Are you looking for someone to transform your caravan? Check out the results on this caravan we did recently.

The caravan below took around two weeks for us to complete, we de stickered the van, masked up all the windows & door, sanded it all down then filled out all the damage.

All the filler was rubbed down & then primed twice with flattening back between coats. The final two coats went on at around 250 to 300 microns per coat this will provide maximum protection.

Caravan Paint! We get asked what caravan paint do we use, well it isn’t a paint as such, it’s a coating. The coating is a 2K product that has High UV resistance so it doesn’t have to be plain old white!

Paint Vs A Coating = The coating will out perform any paint!

The coatings are the most important thing to consider when spraying anything that is going to be exposed to coastal areas. The coating must have good anti corrosive properties & also offer high UV resistance.

Caravan Refurbishment

Caravan Refurb

Specialist Coatings are highly advanced in comparison to “Paint” A Specialist coating has far superior adhesive qualities & longevity.

The coatings we apply via spray application will out perform any “Paint” product on the market, these coatings are for professional use only & you can’t buy these in any hardware store.

Caravan Spraying Ideas – Have you considered what you would like your caravan to look like? Have you seen an image or another van online or in person?

We can work with you to create a unique look just for your van.

Remember, you don’t have to go for plain white, caravans are sprayed white for heat reflective purposes however the coatings have great UV resistance so you can have what ever colour you want.

We even offer what’s called a “Sparkle Coat” this is basically a shimmering effect within one of our specialist coatings which is applied over the chosen colour.

When the sunlight hits the sparkle coat it shimmers & sparkles all over.

Spraying a caravan with our unique specialist coating system will provide the ultimate protection your van needs, it will help in fight against damp, it will also add superior surface protection. These specialist coatings are scratch resistant.

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