Selemix Direct to Metal, but should be called direct to most things & we supply it.



Selemix Direct is a solvent based 2 pack polyurethane coating formulated to be applied direct onto a wide range of substrates without the use of a primer.

We can match any colour down at our Alfreton branch, any colour, any gloss level.

Selemix System line is designed for conventional, HVLP, airmix, airless and electrostatic spray applications, and with the addition of the brushing additive, even the touch ups by brush.

SprayMasters UK only ever use premium quality products & now we supply them as well.

See some of the work we have done using selemix direct, check out our Instagram page @SprayMastersUK

Selemix Direct

SELEMIX® brand not only offers outstanding flexibility in its ability to paint almost any substrate, it also offers a comprehensive range of colour combinations to achieve outstanding colour accuracy covering all leading international colour standards as well as many industrial and public service colour references.


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