Anthracite Grey Paint for uPVC Windows – Will Anthracite Die out?

Question! If you was buying a home that had Anthracite windows would you keep them? We have sprayed 5 properties this year that went from Anthracite back to white! All of which was new homeowners.

Anthracite is a great colour & one that we have sprayed thousands of windows & doors in but will it die a death or will it continue to grow in popularity? We recently carried out a “Poll” on twitter & surprisingly enough people voted against the colour *Anthracite*

Black has increased in popularity this year (2022) Jet black is everyone’s favorite, looks fantastic against white render, take a look at this beaut we did on wingfield road, Alfreton.

We get asked questions such as “Doe’s uPVC spraying work” & “How long doe’s uPVC Spraying Last” Well we can only go off our experience & say with confidence that we have had zero coating application issues or longevity issues. We also state the importance of correct weather conditions & the use of premium products.

What’s your thoughts on the growing trend of uPVC Spraying? How would you feel about having yours done? Have you seen any horror examples? Of course over the years we have seen a large number of really bad examples, cheap prices often come with zero skill & knowledge about the industry.

SprayLords SprayMasters UK Better

Ones to look out for are Companies that haven’t been around long! Fake reviews are another thing to watch out for, there seems to be a rise in “Fake review services” Anyone that needs fake reviews are not genuine and someone you shouldn’t do business with. “199 reviews but has only been operating 12 months” Has 2 staff !!!

When picking a company to spray your upvc windows you want to make sure they have been around for longer than 3 years! Talk to us and ask us why that is so important!

How long do you think our longest job is! Our first ever uPVC Window that was sprayed!

A: is it 4 Year B: Is it 6 Years C: Is it 8.5 years

Answer at the bottom of this page!

What did we use to Spray that window? Was it a 1K product (Single pack air drying product) Or Was it a 2K uPVC window paint product (1 Part Paint 2nd part Activator)

Which product is tougher! The 1K product, No activator needed or the 2K product that must have the hardener to go with it! Answer is at the Bottom of this page.

How would you feel about coming to see us at our workshop one Saturday morning? We have a large display of kitchen cabinet doors, uPVC Windows & some aluminum windows.

We find that it helps you to decide about colours, sheen level & you also get to see how good the work is. Pictures on the internet are great but they don’t show the full story.

Come & See the superheroes of Spray “SprayMasters UK

Talk to us

Anthracite Grey Paint for uPVC Windows – Will Anthracite Die out?

The answer to our longest sprayed windows are 8.5 years & the answer to the product and also which is the tougher better product is 2K upvc window paint.

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