Frazer Morgan: The Up-And-Coming Professional Boxer from Derby Who is Making a Name for Himself in the Ring

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Frazer Morgan, the Derby boxer, is scheduled to fight for the BBBofC Midlands Area Super Flyweight title. His bout is against Sean Bruce and is planned for March 9, 2024, at Arleston Hall, Derby.

Jake Morgan will also feature on this Bill, Jake is also an exciting young talent.

Having both Frazer and Jake Morgan on the same boxing show does not negatively impact ticket sales. While they share a significant portion of their fan base, each brother has also cultivated his own unique following, attributed to their distinct boxing styles.

Frazer, known for his elusive “Catch me if you can” approach, attracts fans who appreciate his agility and tactical prowess in the ring. On the other hand, Jake, with his aggressive “I’m going to destroy you” style, appeals to those who favor a more straightforward, power-driven approach to boxing. The combination of their contrasting styles makes their joint appearances on the same card particularly exciting for a diverse range of boxing enthusiasts.

This boxing event will be a sell out, Tickets can be purchased from Frazer Morgan 07498329141 or John Morgan 07577397201

The last boxing event held at Arleston hall was an amazing night of first class boxing, Frazer Morgan took the W against a good opponent in Fezan Shahid. Frazer’s jab and movement proving to be key on the night.

Derby Fans, get behind your boy, “Frazer Morgan”

Frazer Morgan is a professional boxer from Derby who is quickly making a name for himself in the ring. With his hard work and dedication to the sport, he has become one of the most promising boxers in the UK.

The Morgan Family are from Mackworth, Derby, Frazer & his brother Jake Morgan who is also a professional boxer are both trained by there Dad “John Morgan

John’s lifelong devotion to boxing has been a guiding force in nurturing his sons’ pugilistic talents. From a tender age, he embarked on imparting his rich boxing knowledge to his sons, equipping them with the essential skills for success in this demanding sport.

Their journey began at Merlin’s Boxing Club in Derby, a place where John’s role extended beyond coaching; he was a mentor who played a pivotal part in sharpening their abilities. Under his watchful eye and dedicated guidance, they blossomed, tapping into their full potential in the art of boxing.

Professional Ranks & Stable Mates

Jay and Mike Shinfield at Shinfield’s Boxing Gym have demonstrated exceptional coaching abilities, particularly in guiding professional boxers towards achieving their ambitions in the sport. Their coaching expertise is evident in the success of boxers like Frazer Morgan and Jake Morgan, who have transitioned from impressive amateur careers to the professional ranks under their tutelage.

Frazer and Jake Morgan, hailing from Mackworth, have shown significant promise in their boxing journey. They both signed professional contracts in 2020 and have been training rigorously for their professional debuts.

Frazer, with an outstanding amateur background, has already positioned himself in the British rankings, highlighting the effectiveness of the training he’s receiving at Shinfield’s Gym.

His brother Jake, equally talented, has been refining his skills for the professional scene, indicating the comprehensive training approach at the gym.

Stable Mates

Liam Dring Chesterfield, Don Itutu Derby, Jimmy Burnside Chesterfield, Joe Collings Selston, Toby Basset Northampton, Jack Mantell Nottingham

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