The kitchen is the heart of the home.


I Asked for a new Kitchen!

If there’s one room in your home that absolutely needs to be functional, it’s the kitchen.

Since it’s the heart of the home, it should also be stylish and presentable.

With us as your professional spraying company who has a design-savvy eye, no matter how outdated and hopeless it may seem we can transform it.

Operation “Keep the Wife Happy”

An unhappy wife is pretty much a war zone! That kitchen that you’ve been promising to have replaced for the last however many years is now driving the wife around the bend.

Does  this sound familiar

I’m sick to death of this kitchen –

It’s Doing my head in –

If you don’t sort this kitchen out you can cook your own meals!

Any of that ring true? You could add a few more to the list I’m sure.

But don’t worry…

There’s  hope for you yet! You don’t need to replace it, you simply need to reface it!

Professional spraying is a cost effective alternative to a replacement Kitchen.

It’s quick, it’s easy on the pockets compared to buying new & the wife will be happy again!

The Kitchen is unquestionably the heart of the home & recent statistics have shown that a single person visits the heart of the home a minimum of 49 times during the weekend.

49 times a day “Wow”

When you think about it that’s about right, try and keep a count of how many times you visit the kitchen from when you get up to when you go to bed.

Spraying will not only save you money but it’ll also extend the life of your current kitchen by up to 10 years.

Operation “Keep the wife Happy”

Step 1 “Get the Kitchen done”

Step 2 With the money that you have saved you can treat the family to a lavish “holiday in the sun”

Why not bring the wife down to our place in Alfreton for a look around, we can show you samples of doors, handles, colours, styles & more.

A kitchen is a place where many people practice one of their most favoured hobbies, are most likely to see their loved ones and where they entertain their friends, therefore, the kitchen is unquestionably best described as the heart of the modern home.

let’s get you back in the good books, book an appointment with us today & let’s get the ball rolling.

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SprayMasters UK – why replace it when you can reface it!

We Spray Everything – Fed up with that table & chairs? spray it

Fed up with that fire place? Spray it!

Fed up with those Old kitchen worktops? Spray it!

There’s Nothing we Can’t Spray!

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Kitchen by SprayMasters UK

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