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Here at SprayMasters UK we do high volume kitchen transformations ranging from standard strip and respray to the more divine strip, re stain & lacquer.

Now when doing a Cherry kitchen or any other stain to match the existing (Replicate) its paramount you get it right. These products work a lot like self tanning solutions, the more you apply the darker it’ll go. Go to far & your starting all over again.

We wasn’t the 1st nominated spraying company on this project, we was actually recommended to the customer by another local company who went to quote this. The difficulty level is high on these kitchens.

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Professional Kitchen Spraying Long Eaton 

The homeowners were very clear that they didn’t want a change in colour but merely a refresh as the sun had damaged it in places over time. firstly we had the task of colour matching, which we did in two samples.

We carefully stripped the kitchen & removed all fine & deep scratches from the kitchen Doors & Draws. The first coat was applied using a professional technique & a second using the same technique.

A 20% sheen clear lacquer was applied over the top to protect the freshly coloured timber. This kitchen has had some great feedback on LinkedIn.

SprayMasters UK | Powered By Excellence 

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