Kitchen Cabinet paint Spraying Cost – Is it Affordable? Compared to buying a new Kitchen? yes, certainly!

The cost difference between a New kitchen & reviving your old one by way of spray coatings is astronomical.

Is Kitchen Spraying a BIG JOB? HUGE!

“Huge Savings are Guaranteed” It’s an investment to “Prolong” your current kitchen without the costs & disturbances associated with having a new one

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Spraying is the cost effective alternative to a NEW kitchen that’s for sure but do you know the process?

The process of having your kitchen professionally transformed is also HUGE like the savings compared to a new kitchen, Huge amount of work goes into them.

As a leading Kitchen makeover company we give people the clear picture of just what goes into a transformation, from the initial “kitchen Strip down”  to the refit.

On the Kitchen strip down DAY 1, videos must be taken not only so we know how items go back on but also to pick up any damage and make You the customer aware. Things may not get noticed until they are a different colour.

The onsite SPRAY element, it looks pretty much like a crime seen, extreme levels of preparation take place, the masking is above and beyond & it has to be to prevent any overspray from settling. Imagine going with that Facebook guy who can do an entire Kitchen in a day for £500, lol yeah! Imagine

“Floors, walls, sinks, windows, ceilings, cookers, washers, fridge freezer,  it all has to be protected & this is very time consuming & a lot of  materials get used.

Extraction Equipment for the onsite aspect – To eliminate any fumes & dust we use explosion proof extraction equipment – “note, its Explosion proof but we use Waterbase onsite” Any contractor using harmful Acid cat products in your home can cause you serious harm, you & your family could end up sick.

Some companies that state kitchens can be done in one day are using such harmful products. In November 2019 it was discovered by the coatings federation that some ingredients within the acid cats had “Cancer” causing agents in them. Acid cat products are STILL giving off harmful vapours for up to 28 days

Kitchens can NOT be sprayed in one day!

To give you a clear picture of what actually goes into a kitchen transformation here are some details on how we do things.

Day 1 Strip down, carefully removing all the doors, draws, cornice, pelmits & kickboards, then the Onsite Spray, The crime scene masking, this is very time consuming & must be done thoroughly, a lot of tapes, films & papers are used.

Pre Surface treatment & Prep prior to spraying. Once the spraying is all done & dry we de mask, clean up & Transport the kitchen back to the factory. All Hinges & handles stay onsite, we can replace the handles.

Day 2 The kitchen begins to get cleaned, using specialist cleaning agents to remove ingrained dirt. Filling, extensive filling takes place, “You can’t SEE what we SEE” is the moto, our professional eye will pick up on blemishes & out of shape areas. If we fail to pick on this it will show in the end finish.

We have different fillers & waxes for different stages.

Sanding: The kitchen will get sanded down, the filler smoothed off, the kitchen is then checked, re cleaned and racked.

Day 3 Priming Stage: 2 coats of primer, high build primer must be applied, we are going for that ultra flat base, once the priming has been done we then flatten back. Using our Festool dustless sanding kits we use 400 grits & then 600 grits for that smooth base.

We then clean again with a mild cleaning agent to ensure dust is not present.

Day 4 Inspection of the kitchen, if all is well, then we are ready for the top coat stages, the 1st top coat will be applied in the AMEarly Morning & the 2nd top coat is repeated in the PM – Late Afternoon

Day 5 Inspection of the kitchen, carefully checking all the items, once they pass quality control they are moved into the drying room for 2 Days. This is a room that has continuous moderate heat, the bake off room has two electric heaters that provide a room temperature of 20C

Day 8 Carefully Package all the items using quality foam furniture wrap, one by one.

Day 9 The kitchen is returned and the refit takes place, the refit is a Big task, all doors and draws must be aligned back up correctly.

So, there you have it a minimum of NINE days, 5 of those are rather intense & labour heavy days & that’s if its all gone to plan & it has been smooth sailing.

Some kitchens are in worse condition than others & require longer.

The process from a surveying side is

We come out and measure all the doors, draws, cornice, pelmet & kickboards.

Kitchen Spraying is a BIG JOB, a lot of time, labour & materials go into transforming a kitchen so you must bare that in mind when receiving a quote from a professional spraying company.

The Quote you receive is ultimately ultra competitive over a replacement Kitchen & you must understand the size of the task in hand.

We don’t just rock up with spray guns and squirt paint everywhere, it is a HUGE job, time, materials, labour.

If you want to Save Money, If You Want a NEW LOOK Kitchen, if you are ready to pay for Quality then speak to us, we guarantee you 100% you’ll be made up with a “SprayMasters UK” transformation.

Call us today, get in touch now, you’ll be glad you did.

You Can visit us in Alfreton & take a look at colours & discuss costs or you can arrange a home visit & one of surveyors will come out and see you.

We can match any colour, farrow & ball, little greene “Any” Colour really.

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