The Airless Paint Sprayer – A fast & cost-effective way to get a coating on a wall “Fast”

SprayMasters UK used to travel the lengths of the country providing airless paint spraying services, we have sprayed everything from Asda stores, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Gap Stores & So much more.

Our commercial site experience & knowledge is second to none.

The airless paint sprayer in the right hands is a great piece of kit, in the wrong hands it’s a big clean up operation! We used to market the business on it being “Fast & Flawless” i believe this was around 2014.

The airless sprayer slashes time on site in half, as long as your teams are quick & efficient with the masking and the preparation the actual spraying part is rapid.

The Spray Gun – many airless spray guns on the market today & we have had them all, my preferred machine brand & gun has to be Graco! They have never let me down, Great workhorses.

Onsite Spraying – Airless spraying is ideal for large areas that you need doing in rapid time like the jumbo walls we did at Nissan race team HQ at Silverstone race track, we completed over 6000m2 in 2 days, that’s masking & spraying “That’s fast”.

A traditional decorating team using rollers and brushes would have been in there for over two weeks.

Airless Sprayers vs Traditional decorator. Well, it’s quite simple really you’ve the machine which is basically like the Terminator T2 vs Trevor the decorator who likes his 5 slurps of tea & a pack of digestives 3 times a day. One will run tired, one will keep going & going till the job is finished.

The Spraying of suspended ceilings used to me favourite with the airless machines, so quick! once we had all the AC units masked off, the lights, the floors it was go time!

We typically used to go in to stores out of hours & knock them out the park.

Airless paint Sprayer – The Flawless Way

Airless paint spraying for cladding is also amazing, you can have an entire building cracked out inside a day, we have done it before.

Jet wash the building down one day & come back the following day, mask off sections & complete those sections one at a time, before you know it you’ve completed the building.

Great for spraying fences, I’ll be honest I’ve never sprayed a residential fence before, I’m talking about large commercial fencing, football grounds and the likes.

I would have thought as long as you mask off properly in a residential garden & use spray shields behind each panel you will be fine.

I often to get asked what is the best fence paint to use & to be honest i don’t go by “Fence Paint” i go on what i know will hold & last a long time like opaques. Sikkens has been the best go to brand for us when doing the commercial fencing. Always buy quality, especially if it is your home.

Best Fence Paint

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SprayMasters UK have bags of experience in spraying with airless machines we love all jobs we were involved in, we found them very “emulsional”

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