upvc spraying near Alfreton.

PVC Painters, In Relation to recent Google Search terms, What is a PVC Painter? What is PVC.

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What is PVC plastic?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a popular thermoplastic that contains high levels of chlorine which can reach up to 57%. Carbon, which is derived from oil or gas is also used in its fabrication.

It is an odourless and solid plastic that is white, brittle and can also be found on the market in the form of pellets or white powder.

PVC is mainly used for Pipes! it’s a cost effective replacement for copper & aluminum piping used in waste lines & the likes.

PVC is not used for window frames, although some manufacturers may use “PVC” to refer to their uPVC windows. Instead, uPVC is used for window frames, as it does not decompose and is weather-resistant.

Albeit When people type into Google “PVC Painter” the search will bring up Onsite spraying companies such as ourselves & other reputable companies it’s not “PVC” we are coating up, it’s uPVC “Don’t forget the U”

Painting! The specialist products we use are NOT Paint! they are premium liquid coatings that have been specially designed for Plastic.

We opt for Italian Coating lines as the UK products are not up to scratch when it comes to thermal expansion & chemical resistance.

We have tried & tested many UK manufactured coatings & they don’t quite meet the superior quality of the Italians.

upvc spraying near Alfreton.

Many UK products will cause the windows to stick, warp & 70% of them fail within 24 months of being applied.

We have seen a huge rise in “Pop up Firms” Spraying windows & claiming to be professionals.

The truth is that they’ve attended a ONE DAY course put on by the manufacturers of these products that cause the windows to stick & fail after 24 months.

We have a huge gallery of “Horror Jobs” that we have been asked to put right, some we can and some we simply advise on getting new as it’s gone beyond repair.

My advice to all our customers when getting quotes in is too research the products being used.

Ask to see genuine guarantees & research the firms who are quoting, a “POP UP” firm will struggle to back up their pedigree as they will have no traceable data! 

upvc spraying near Alfreton

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Upvc spraying near Alfreton

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