The Best Car Spraying Alfreton.

SprayMasters UK Do Spray Car Parts & Kit’s But NOT full cars!

Car Body Kits, Skirts, Spoilers, Kick plates, wings, bonnets even doors but NOT full cars! WHY?

Well, it’s simple, Car Spraying Prices are NOT what they used to be, you’ve people driving down the cost of full resprays so it’s not worth us doing full cars. Motorhomes & static Caravans are more worth our time as it’s a more specialist skill.

Some Mercedes & Aston martin owners will bring us trim & other items to spray because to replace for brand new from the dealership will cost a fortune. 4 Mercedes kick plates brand new would cost £700, to have them sprayed is only £175 a big difference.

If you are looking for someone to spray up your body kit a custom colour or repair & spray a body part then we can accommodate you we just don’t take on full cars. We get asked a lot to do full resprays but we favor just doing kits & parts.

When we do spray kits & parts we ask that they are dropped off at our spray shop in Alfreton, we don’t remove or refit we just spray, we like to keep it simple.

People have tried to deliver full cars to us in the past & we simply haven’t the time to take off the parts/kits that’s why we ask that the customer strips them off. New Kits or new trim can come direct to us as is.

Alloy wheels are also something we can do but we can’t do it for £150 a set as some businesses advertise & i can’t see how they make any profits at them prices. Cheap materials & cheap labour never leads to longevity.

We can refurb & spray alloy wheels starting at £265 for 4 wheels, the coatings are superior quality materials and will last a long time.

Spray Car Parts & Body Kits

Take a look at some of the car kits and parts we have done, we do love to spray kits & parts. The cutting and polishing is the best part in my opinion.

SprayMasters UK We & Can Spray Everything! Come and check us out in Alfreton any Saturday morning From 9am till 12.

Use the “Click to Call” button to make contact or send us an email using our inquiry form.

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