uPVC Spraying Nottingham, Amazing results. May 25,2018

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Have you been looking into uPVC Spraying? What have you found? If you do your research you will find that many websites sound the same!

With words like Chemical bonding & molecular bonding, sorry to say but they have no idea what they are talking about!

“SprayMasters UK” are The number one upvc window spraying company in the East Midlands, No1 does it better, No1 is more experienced than us.

We have been Spraying windows and doors before it was even a thing

Our expertise and skillset makes us the best! With over 1000 homes sprayed & zero coating failures that makes us better than anyone else.

Change the colour NOT the window!

uPVC Window Spraying is the cost-effective alternative to buying NEW! But! & it is a BIG But, it is only cost-effective if it is done correctly.

Plastic is one of the most difficult substrates to paint & Even though a tin may say “Bonds to PVC” it really doesn’t.

Bad uPVC Window Painting
Here is one of those coatings that chemically bonds!!!

90% of these Tins that do state “Bonds to PVC” will simply sit on top of the plastic & what the plastic will do over a 12 month period will expand and contract at least 6 to 8 times & when it does it will stretch and pull that coating, we guarantee that it will fail!

The coating must be that advanced that it can flex with the plastic & contract also.

Our product comes in from Italy, this insures that the UV resistance is going to be far superior than anything else in the UK.

uPVC Spraying Nottingham

The coating will last for at least 10 years but we are confident that it will last longer, its all in the preparation of the plastic, fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

The plastic must undergo some intense cleaning with special chemicals and abrade before its even ready to receive our premium coating.

We give actually written guarantees amongst other added benefits you get from hiring the spraymasters for your uPVC makeover.

Please take a look at our uPVC Spraying page to get a feel for it SprayMasters

Get In touch with us, Let us save you Thousands and make Your home Look amazing!

uPVC Window Spraying Nottingham


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