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How to paint PVC windows

Paint PVC windows

Paint uPVC Windows

Can You Really Paint PVC Windows? yes you can & it lasts a very long time + it looks amazing.  Would you like to know how we do it? The process is a very lengthy one, its all in the preparation, you know the famous saying, fail to prepare & prepare to fail.

Paint PVC Windows

The Process, firstly the nature of the plastic & how its made needs to be addressed, its made in such a way it will expand and contract with the adverse weather conditions. The Specialist coating that we apply is a highly flexible one & remains stable under heat, some coatings will warp and bend the plastic. Plastic needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a specialist cleaner & then the plastic abraded but not scratched as you would see the scratches through the coating. once all the cleaning and masking is done, we begin to transform your property.

Would You like to see first hand how it’s done, here is a link to our YouTube Channel How to Paint PVC Windows


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