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Have you considered having your windows Sprayed? it’s amazing

PVC Spraying Near Me! Topic – How much to spray a conservatory! How much does upvc spraying cost! Two Questions we…

PVC Spraying Near Me! Topic – How much to spray a conservatory! How much does upvc spraying cost!

Two Questions we get asked a lot. ⬆️

Let’s cover the 1st question, how much to spray a conservatory, well, size is the obvious one, small, medium & large.

Small Conservatories you would be looking at anything from Β£750 to Β£950

Medium sized Conservatories Β£950 to Β£1650

Large Conservatories can be anything from Β£1650 to Β£6,000 – a large one can take between one to two weeks to complete.

Start Saving today, lets spray

Homeowners simply can’t afford to shell out Β£10k to Β£30k for a new conservatory, we was working on a project where the owners had purchased a Β£30k conservatory on finance “Crazy.”

I’d want it to come in gold & cook my meals for the next 10 years for Β£30K. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

You simply don’t need a New conservatory you just need it spraying!

Why Replace it When you can Reface it!

Change the colour not the item!

Spraying is the cost effective alternative to replacement.

Blown foil on upvc profile – if your upvc has the woodgrain effect foil & is over 10 years old then chances are that its already started to delaminate in areas.

If that is the case then we can fix it, we simply use heat as our method of completely removing all the foil.

Once the foil is off we then deactivate all the glue that’s on the profile, this has to be removed, you can’t spray onto this, “Glue”.

It’s very time consuming removing the foil & the glue but the preparation is key, you want a sound base to spray to.

It’s a lot like the method used when delaminating a kitchen cabinet door.

SprayMasters UK – The cost effective solutions provider.

The Roof of a conservatory – a Upvc profile conservatory roof ladder must be used in order to spray it properly.

The cost of spraying is unquestionably the cheaper solution to replacement, it won’t break the bank, you don’t need finance & it’ll extend the life of the current upvc profile.

We’ve been spraying upvc profile onsite since 2015 before it was even a “Thing”.

Upvc profile

Upvc profile has to receive extreme levels of pre surface treatment prior to the application of the specialist coating, if the all important “Base Game” is skipped in any way then the product will not do it’s job.

The Base Game – The all important “Extreme Preparation” all upvc profile MUST undergo extreme levels of Preparation, pre surface treatment solution, abrading & adhesion promotion.

“Extreme Levels of Preparation” – Fail Here & the coating will Fail within a YEAR

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How much does upvc spraying cost

 It all depends on size, condition, type of profile, it’s not just a case of “ball park”

You have to factor in the condition of the window, is it minging? If it is then its going to take twice as long to clean & if that’s the case then it’ll be worked in to the cost.

  • The cleaning – upvc profile has to go through extreme levels of pre surface treatment and if that profile is ditched then it’s going to take twice as long so the labour has to be factored in.
  • Silicone – We have our own solution for silicone but sometimes we have to chop it out and re seal, this is very time consuming and also has to be worked into the price.
  • Hinge type – if the hinges are in with screws then happy days, if they are in with rivets then OMG this is going to take twice as long!
  • The rebate! If your rebate is ditched they have to be hoovered out and cleaned & again “factor that in”
  • Filling – the profile may need filling in certain areas.
  • Foil – if you have woodgrained windows and the foil  is starting to delaminate Then it has to come off! “Very time Consuming!
  • Glue- window fitters are swines for using glue to bodge things, any glue will need to come off.
  • Externally beaded windows and doors, you will have a 2 mm crease on the bead that will need extensive cleaning, the coating can’t bond to the plastic if there is dirt in the way.
  • The profile – is it UK manufactured or European, this we will only be able to tell when a survey is carried out. Many window firms buy in from the likes of Germany, they bring in cheap profiles, different profiles, different Preparation!.

So there are many things to consider & this is why we are not keen on giving “Ball Parks”

All you need to know is that its going to save you money! It’s going to enhance the appearance of your home, it won’t  break the bank.

You won’t need finance to have your upvc profile professionally sprayed.

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