Upvc window paint spraying cost

SprayMasters UK have been spraying upvc windows and doors onsite before it was even a thing.

Homeowners are always looking at cost effective solutions for enhancing the look of thier properties without breaking the bank.

We’ve been spraying upvc onsite since 2015 “Before it was even a thing” back in the day we was met with

“It’ll never last, it’s plastic & Nothing will stick to plastic”

One of the best ones we used to get is “Your conning people” that particular quote came from window fitters.

How the tables have turned, since 2015 we have done jobs for those same window companies that made those statements!

Upvc window paint spraying

How it all started for the “SprayMasters”

One day in 2015 the MD of SM UK decided that he was fed up of seeing the horrid green composite door day in day out so he decided to spray it.

Whilst in the process of preparing the door to be sprayed the neighbours were all “Rubber Necking” to see what was going off.

After a few hours the door was complete, it was now “Slate Grey” Ral 7015 in a matt finish.

The neighbours to the right said “That’s amazing, how much would you charge me to spray my door” it was at that moment the MD had a light bulb 💡 moment!

He posted an image of the door to his personal Facebook account where he was met with negativity and comments such as the previously mentioned “it’ll never last” “it’ll come off”

Some comments were positive & provoked interest.

People became very intrigued

The MD of SM UK made 500 leaflets for his local area with the idea of doing the odd job at weekends.

During the week he ran the company as a national onsite spraying contractor working on commercial construction sites.

His intentions of doing the odd upvc spraying job at the weekend was soon to become a Monday to Friday regular thing as the popularity of the service grew.

Before he knew it he could no longer fit the commercial construction site spraying in to his busy work schedule as the demand for upvc spraying became to strong.

For 10 years Ashley was dependent on being a sub contractor to main contractors throughout the UK that was his “Bread & butter”

Now in 2020 SprayMasters UK are a power house in onsite uPVC colour transformations, with over 91k website actions in June 2020.


Spraymasters truly are the ultimate sprayforce.

Spraying upvc before it was even a thing.

SprayMasters UK are absolute perfectionists, the best in the game, we don’t know if we created the game but we are most certainly one of the very 1st.

Absolutely perfected our approach to spraying upvc windows and doors.

See why so many have chosen SprayMasters UK & now love their windows and doors.

Why Not come & see us down in Alfreton, you can view the samples of UPVC windows we have sprayed.

You Can also look at the many colours we have to offer, there is so many to choose from.

Upvc window paint spraying cost

You Can Book an appointment directly with us, we understand that people have busy work schedules so we offer appointments to suit you.

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