10 Things You Didn’t Know about uPVC

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about uPVC

10 Things You Didn’t Know about uPVC We have put together some useful facts that you probably didnt know about uPVC. …

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about uPVC

We have put together some useful facts that you probably didnt know about uPVC. 

  1. What does uPVC Stand for, Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.

    PVC is poly(vinyl chloride) polymer containing plasticizer additive, whereas, UPVC is unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride), without any added plasticizing agent or a small amount. UPVC is harder than PVC due to the absence of plasticizer. It is used to produce hard products, like windows frames and pipes. That is their main difference, but their similarity is that both are poly(vinyl chloride).

  2. What is GRP, Glass reinforced plastic. Composite doors are GRP (slightly grained) Made from a variety of materials such as wood, PVC, insulating foam and GRP. The Combination of materials results in a very tough door.
  3. uPVC is NOT intended to be redecorated, prior to 2015 when paint technology advanced for the plastic application you would fall short with adhesion issues with pretty much any product. uPVC was designed to be maintenance free however after it starts to degrade it supports the growth of algae.
  4. uPVC  Spraying can only be done in temperatures of  12c or above, ideally 15c. Did you know that the plastic expands and contracts & applying a coating that doesn’t will force the plastic to warp especially non reinforced plastic. (uPVC Panels)
  5. January was named after the god of doors, symbolising the first month as the month of beginnings and openings. uPVC panels on doors must be removed, sprayed and refitted to avoid white lining.
  6. uPVC Life Expectancy is 20 years, a window company will guarantee theirs for 10 years. Trade professional uPVC products will last for 10 years on adhesion and 5 on the UV however if spraying over new or fairly new windows you run the risk of voiding your guarantee with the window company unless it’s a colour correction, UV fail after 2 years or repair and spray.
  7. uPVC starts life out as a powder, Heat is used to make it into a plastic profile.
  8. Is uPVC recylclable? There is a widespread belief that UPVC window recycling is not realistic due to the toxic chemicals that are released during the process. In fact, this is untrue: UPVC can be recycled safely, and today UPVC recycling is a routine operation that saves thousands of tonnes of scrap from a landfill.
  9. Spraying your uPVC windows will have a better impact on the environment than replacing with new.
  10. uPVC Spraying is Revolutionary and will ultimately save you money long term.

There you have 10 quick facts about uPVC, being the SprayMasters we have many many more facts in the Knowledge tank on uPVC, if you have a question or would like a quote you can call us on the number below.

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