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upvc spraying approved applicators

uPVC Spraying Approved Applicators, Warning to home owners! When you hear the words approved applicator this tells you that a…

uPVC Spraying Approved Applicators, Warning to home owners!

When you hear the words approved applicator this tells you that a person has undergone a level of training, they are approved because they are skillful, knowledgeable & competent to carry out works on your home!

“How Wrong are YOU”  

This is a fraudulent statement, a lie, a marketing trick to give You the homeowner piece of mind!

It gives you certainty that this individual is a superior tradesman when in fact all he has done to qualify for this significant status is “Purchased the product” Yes that’s right, NO Training, NO Nothing just you are now approved because you have purchased our product! “Shocking” 

We have seen a HUGE rise in truly shocking coating failures due to improper surface treatment preparation & coating application error, some of these coatings are not even fit to be used on “Plastic”

Fail to prepare & prepare to fail, from preparation to application YOU MUST BE SKILLED.

Many upset homeowners have called us out in the last 12 months to ask if we can put right the work others have done, below you will see some images that will leave you feeling a little sad for the homeowners, imagine being in their shoes, thousands of pounds down in some cases & now having to spend more to have it done again.

You certainly can’t learn how to treat, prepare & apply a true specialist plastic coating in ONE DAY like some of these fraudulent companies are offering.

Please be careful when gathering quotes for having your uPVC Windows and Doors sprayed, look out for any business that has UPVC Spraying in the title as they will be NEW to this industry because the technology has only been available since 2015, check the history of the individuals out, ask to see a guarantee, ask them questions about their own “Specialist skill” We assure you 90% won’t have the first clue.

“uPVC Spraying approved applicators really means i am going to take your money now and leave you with a crap job”

A Couple in Derby paid a whopping £8,000 with a so called approved applicator for it to all fall off only 10 months later. The images you are about to see below are from various projects from numerous so called “Experts”

True onsite spraying companies need to raise the awareness of these people & help the homeowners out.

Things to ask : What product are they using?, Do they come with an approved applicator status?  How long have they been doing it? How many homes have they done? What happens with thermal expansion? What’s uPVC Made from? 

A True Onsite spraying specialist will be able to answer any & all questions you have for him or her without asking Google! 

Please be careful of these people, they don’t care they just want your money, they have NO 10 year Guarantee, They have NO Training & you will not get your money back once you part with it.

The Application of a coating onto “plastic” has to be rigorous, thorough surface treatment preparation needs to be at extreme levels in order for a True Specialist coating to work.

These True coatings are expensive & this service isn’t cheap when done by a professional onsite spraying company such as our selves, it’s the cost-effective alternative to replacement windows and doors, it’s not “paint” it’s a specialist liquid coating an “Industrial Strength” coating

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