PVC Spraying, onsite or in-house uPVC spraying.

Colour corrections are becoming a regular thing for us, sometimes the window manufacturers just get it wrong and the PVC windows and doors get fitted & the customer realizes it’s not what they asked for, luckily for both parties we can come 0ut to the site and correct it.

PVC spraying is a quick solution, imagine having to replace them all with the correct colour, it would cost a fortune.

When spraying grain effect windows, it’s very important not to flood the surface & lose the grain, the profile has to be carefully coated & attention to detail is very high.
The team Did a fantastic job as usual on these windows from preparation to finish, we always guarantee a great finish & lasting quality. We offer onsite uPVC spraying & we also offer in-house spraying at our base in Langley Mill.

If you are a fitter, homeowner or window company and have this problem don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will fix it for you.

Please contact us on 01246 897043.