Composite Door Respray.

2017 – Spraymaters onsite works

At this property in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire we were called in to do a composite door respray that was slightly off colour to the existing frame. Anthracite grey is a very popular colour in 2017.

We prepared the door by lightly abrading it, cleaning it down with a pre-paint solution & then allowing to dry. Once the door is dry its gone over with a tack cloth to remove any fibres & particles. We apply two coats of high-performance 2k specialist paint. A sprayed finished is superior quality.

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UPVC Spraying – Internal & External Composite & Upvc Door Repair & Spray

Replacing upvc windows & doors can be rather costly, there’s a huge saving in spraying. We Spray upvc doors, windows & conservatories. The Specialist paint we use is the very best in the UK & Europe.

Here we are spraying the upvc internal & external doors in Kilburn, Derbyshire. The process is quick and the result is beautiful new looking doors for a fraction of the cost.

We guarantee a superior sprayed finish, leaving your home looking fantastic. Most popular colours of 2017 is Anthracite grey ral 7016 & slate grey Ral 7015

UPVC Spraying in Chesterfield, Oxford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby

YouTube – uPVC Spraying

Composite Door ReSpray

Composite door respray Composite Door spraying in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire